Mexican Cheese

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Carol - April 8

I read that you should avoid mexican cheese while pregnant. I think this is because of listeria. Does anyone know if it is okay to eat it if it is hot - say in a quesadilla. I love mexican and I don't think I can go 9 months withouth the cheese!


nhb - April 8

I read to avoid soft, unpasteurized cheeses--those are generally listeria carriers. I'd ask your dr though, just to be sure if you should or shouldn't eat it.


BBK - April 8

Carol, listeria is bacteria and will die at the boiling temperature. However, "hot" can mean different things to different people. If you're melting the cheese yourself, make sure it bubbles up. Also if you're buying the domestic variety that is pasteurized, you should be OK


Carol - April 8

Thanks BBK. I just went to the FDA and the CDC web sites and both said it was okay as long as it was heated to boiling. So, you were right! I guess that probably means no quesadillas, but I would imagine that cheese di p would be okay!


JLorenzo - April 8

Carol, it sounds like you can eat Mexican Cheese. Just do me a favor and avoid drinking Mexican Water. I did about 5 years ago and I still ain't right.


monica - April 8

I always eat quesadillas... I am a__suming the restaraunt is using pasteurized cheese. When I cook them i use the monterey cheese and its pasteurized.


BBK - April 8

Virtually all domestic cheeses are pasteurized, so I wouldn't worry much. For sure avoid soft cheeses (roquefure, feta), and deli meats. JLo, as for you drinking mexican water, serves you right...... dontcha know Mexican beer is a lot better?


monica - April 8

is there feta cheese that is pasteurized?


BBK - April 8

Monica, I'm pretty sure most of it is, and it should say so on the label. These days I haven't ran in to any packaged unpasteurized dairy. If it's bulk, then it's iffy. Alpine Lace, is pasteurized if I remember correctly. I buy the Alpine Lace since they have a reduced fat version and it tastes the same as the fatter version IMO. :-) So buy a packaged product that indicates it's pasteurized and it should be fine.


leslie - April 8

JLorenzo! What do you mean about the Mexican water? What happened to you that you are still not right?


JLorenzo - April 9

Leslie, lets just say I was in a certain room in the house for what felt like a year. And I didn't need a stool softener!


julie - April 18

i have read the same information but i myself am thirteen weeks pregnant and i have eaten feta on at least 6 or so occasions as well as mexican con queso dip, so i am hoping this is not a concern, as long as i don't eat it anymore. NEVER DRINK WATER in MEXICO!!! and the coronas and tequila are watered down!!!


Layla - April 19

They mean cheese that comes from Mexico, not processed in America. Mexico has different standards than U.S. and that is why. Mexican types of cheese are okay, as long as they are made in U.S.


cally - April 19

all cheese made in the u.s. has to be pasturized and meet certain standards. you should be fine if you order quesadilla in a restaurant or if you make it yourself w/ safe cheese.



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