Michael Jackson

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JLorenzo - February 16

My wife and I were driving in the car and an old Michael Jackson song came on the radio. Well immediately our baby (28 weeks in utero) started dancing and kicking like crazy. She didn't stop until the song ended. Now my wife and I are white Jews and we will both be so happy if our baby has the rhythm we never did! I think she even moonwalked!


! - February 16

i wouldnt be talkin bout that sicko in the same sentence as my baby..... sayin ur baby danced 2 music of a child molester....


JLorenzo - February 16

Well that part was scary! Don't worry, I have been flooding her ears with Mozart...


J - February 16

I will never listen to another MJ song again he is a freak of nature


Just a Thought - February 16

I agree Michael Jackson is weird but I don't think he is a child molester. And actually you shouldn't pa__s judgement on people without knowing all the facts.


just another thought - February 16

pa__s judgment?? its public knowledge honey. some of those others from before took that "out of court settlement"...... yes he is a child molester..... if talkin about the alegations against him is pa__sing judgment, then the whole world is judging..... get real......


J - February 16

it is public knowledge what about the case 10 years ago when he paid the family off? the man has serious problems look at his face for god sake! a grown man hanging with children is sick


Leahp - February 16

I can see where a lot of you are completely disgusted with him, I am myself, but you have to admit he has some great songs out there from the eighties!! Plus he was a different person back then, physically and mentally, but the whole Jackson family is weird period!!! But if our children grow up lovin his music and the great beats he gave us in the eighties, DANCE AWAY BABY!!


E - February 16

I still listen to my MJ CD's but refuse to purchase anything from him, old or new, due to what I believe to be true allegations against him. There are plenty of reasons and ways to judge MJ that don't even involve little boys... Have you SEEN HIM LATELY? Ewww.


Tracey - February 16

Michael Jackson may be wierd now, but back in the 80's, his stuff was pretty cool. You gotta at least respect him for that.


JLorenzo - February 16

I didn't mean to start WWIII...Back in the day, he was good. I believe the song was from the Jackson 5 days anyway...I should have said that...


E - February 16

Hon - you have not been here long enough to know what WWII looks like on this board. Stick around and you are bound to see it. Hormones & all!


m - February 16

I think he is a child molseter too.. Did any of u see the Secret Chilhood Life of Michael Jackson on MTV , I will tell you a little part about that when him and that little black boy Webster ( I think, correct me if I am wrong ) but they used to hang out all the time and MJ got caught taking little Webster to a Hotel as father and son, so Webster's mother would no longer let them hang out... Thats says guilty to me! It is pretty interesting watching how he grew up and how he nver had a childhood... It comes on MTV if interested...


JLorenzo - February 16

E, thanks for the advice. Good point! My wife always says, "leave it to a man to light a fire and run before it ignites!"


kellie - February 16

Michael Jackson's status as a child molester has nothing to do with this question.


E - February 16

It can get ugly around here:) As ugly as MJ's face.


JLorenzo - February 16

Oh right, my question! I was curious about other babies moving around to music or voices...it was a pretty wild experience!



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