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tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

Okay, we've definitely decided on the name Dylan, but hubby and I can't come up with a middle name. We don't have any family names to use that we like, so i'm asking for your help. I like Dylan Tyler, hubby is okay with it, but doesn't love it. I also like Dylan Michael, but hubby says no. Another question, is it wierd to use my hubby's name - Christopher, as a middle name for this baby too? We already have a Nicholas Christopher, but weren't sure if it was taboo or not to use the same middle name for this little guy. Please help, time is running out!!


chelsey - October 4

What about any Grandpa's first or middle names? Would they fit? Or Uncles or really good friends? Just fro unused names though, I like Jacob (my fave!), or Riley, or James? I do like Tyler too, sucks that hubbies can be so difficult with name picking!


tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

Ken, John, Jay, Ronald, George, Gerald, Anthony, Peter, Scott, Gregory, Ashley, Dixie. Those are the names to choose from in my family. Umm, no thanks! Especially Ashley and Dixie, those are from my family in the deep south. It's not that they are all bad names, it's just that none of them suit my taste. I do like Riley, i'll run that one by Chris this evening. Thanks for your help! :o)


kris A. - October 4

How about Dylan Thomas? Close to tyler but a little more "manly"...


tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

Okay Kris, have you been eaves dropping on our family conversations? My dad, my brother, and my husband all suggested the same name. Apparently Dylan Thomas is a well known and highly respected poet. I've never heard of him, but that doesn't say much. I'm not opposed to the name, but i'm not in love with it either. I was looking for something a bit newer, if you know what I mean. :o)


CEM - October 4

tiffani, out of the above mentioned names i would say Dylan Michael instead of Dylan Tyler. i don't think there's anything wrong with siblings having the same middle name, in fact, i think it's cute. my brother and sister share the same middle name and it works. it would also be a nice gesture to your husband, two sons with his name! Dylan Thomas is also nice, as is Dylan Scott. good luck.


tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

Thanks CEM. My husband loves the idea of having both of his sons share his name. We're still considering it. :o)


Dustie - October 4

I like Dylan Christopher, why not use that? It's kind of long but I like Dylan Alexander too, it sounds important.


A - October 4

I wouldn't use the same middle name for both kids. How about Dylan Alexander? Dylan Timothy? Dylan Robert? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan! lol


Gemma - October 4

What about Riley, Samual, Sebastian or Matthew.


CC - October 4

Oddly enough, like Kris A said, the first thought that came into my mind when I read your post was "How about Thomas"?!


? - October 4

Dylan Drake ?


jb - October 4

I have always like Dylan Michael and that used to be the name I wanted to use. So I vote for that. But if hubby absolutely says no, then maybe, Dylan Jonathan. That really depends on the last name though.


candace - October 4

Dylan Christopher is my son's name and I think it goes so well together. I don't see a problem with your children having the same middle name.


HH - October 5

Dylan Matthew? Dylan James? Maybe your husband's first name would be a good middle name?


Laura - October 5

I would say Dylan Riley. One of my sons have the name Caleb Alexander. At first I was not to sure of the middle name. I really like it now.


Amber - October 5

Dylan Andrew



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