Middle Name For Sarah

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Rachel* - May 16

We are having a baby girl and are thinking of naming her Sarah. I am stuck on a middle name though. I like Sarah Nicole, but I can't think of any others. Any suggestions?


NICOLE - May 16

Hi,Congrats on your baby girl! I just love the name Sarah,we're thinking of naming our girl Sarah too. My ideas for a middle name are: Sarah Nicole(you already got) Sarah Marie Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Angeline( a friend of mine's girl) Sarah Isabella or Isabell Sarah Michelle Sarah Jessica Sarah Ashleigh or Ashley Sarah Ava Sarah Madison or Madelyn Sarah Danielle I can go on and on,my head jumps around.. I've been thinking boy names more cause I feel that we will have a boy, I am 10 weeks 4 days. Good Luck!


dawn - May 16

my best friend's name is sarah beth. i also like sarah annette, sarah lynn, and sarah marie. best of luck!


Shannon - May 16

My mother's name is Sara Eva - I love it!


Christina - May 16

Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Marie Sarah Lynn Sarah Michelle That's just a few...lol


C.J. - May 16

How about Sarah Dawn. It's simple and sweet. It's also my neices name.


Rachel* - May 16

Thanks ladies, keep 'em coming :)


KP - May 16

How about Sarah Jane? I have always loved that for a middle name!


jennifer - May 16

I have a daughter her name is Sara without the h and her middle name is christina so sara christina it sounds good. when i use them both she knows i mean business lol


Tami - May 16

I have a cousin named Sara Adelaide. Its unique, but still cute. I also like Sarah Elizabeth or Sarah marie.


Jennifer - May 16

I also like the name Sara (with no "h") for a future daughter. I was thinking of calling her Sara Lynne. Sarah Michelle, Sarah Elizabeth.....those are pretty too. :) Good Luck!


amanda.d - May 16

How about Sarah Rayne


Alexandra - May 16

I was going to say Nicole when I saw the t_tle, I also like Elizabeth, Hailey, and Isabelle/Isabella :)


>>> - May 17

i think that sarah elizabeth sounds nice


to kp - May 17

yes jane is an awesome middle name, a friend of mine named her baby amelia jane, and it is so cute, anyways racheal, jane is sweet too.


Elizabeth ~ 5wks preg. - May 17

I love the name Sarah....... hmmm, I think a cute midde name would be Sarah Lynn. I like all the other options out there oo, but the name Sarah LYNN is poppin out at me right now the most. :P Congrats on the soon arrival! Good luck


Sarah - May 17

I'm Sarah Louise! I think it's quite a common middle name for Sarah though! I've always really liked my name!



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