Middle Names For Madeline

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Bonnie - May 22

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and we are stuck trying to come up with a middle name. Any suggestions?


maddie - May 22

Hello...my name is actually madeline (maddie for short) middle name nicole....if thats any help..


Maddie - May 22

My name is Madeline also, full name is Madeline June Ringer. It sounds very old fashioned, but I got a lot of compliments growing up. My middle name is after my Grandma, who's birthday was in June.


JenniferB - May 22

I wanted to name a girl Madeline Rose but my husband didn't like it. I think it is pretty.


to bonnie - May 22

madeline grace is cute too.


abcd - May 22

It could be a bit easier if you told us the last name ...just to see how the whole name sounds


Kaz - May 22

Hi Bonnie, I like Madeline but our surname begins with M so it may be Adelyn instead. I've always liked Kaye for a middle name and am working aroud that. How does Madeline Kaye go? Madeline Grace is pretty.


Kaz - May 22

OH Cordelia Cordelia, kinda sound a bit Shakespearean hey. I could cry with some of the c___p my man comes out with, we're 39 wks and still nothing definate picked out.


Bonnie - May 23

Our last name is McDonald if that helps. So any middle names that start with M are definately out. I think 2 is enough. I see a lot of people like Grace and Rose, unfortunately we aren't too thrilled with either. They're both really pretty, but just not what we're looking for. If the baby is born early, in June, then we might go with that. I like the sound of it. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep 'em coming if you have them.


CL - May 23

Madeline Leigh McDonald


Heather - May 23

If we have a girl her name will be madalyn angelina


To Bonnie - May 23

Madeline Mae or Madeline Elizabeth


Laurie - May 23

Madeline Olivia McDonald (MOM!!!)


ellie - May 24

madeline angel madeline truth madeline lee madeline patrisha madeline prindy hope it helped.. n speakin of hope.. madeline hope


Vera - June 8



Beth S - June 8

Madeline Paige??


P - June 8

I used to know a girl named Madeline Allegra. It's her last name but I always thought it sounded nice.



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