Might Sound Dumb But I Ve Got To Ask

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MT - September 10

Ok, so we know that ovulation only lasts for about 12 to 24 hours (or at least that is the amt. of time the egg if fertile). In most women its only 12 hours. So what happens if that timeframe starts for a woman at say 9pm at night......and would therefore end by 9am the next morning. Since most of that time the woman and her husband would be sleeping...and then would have to get up and ready for work early the next morning....you would pretty much have to depend on sperm from the night or two before to still be alive and able. To me that just really seems like such a small time frame when you are trying to get pregnant. If you miss that small window...its 4 more weeks till you ovulate again. Does anyone know if the egg can only be released during the day, or if it can be at any time morning, noon, or night??? I guess there is allot to do with the man's sperm being healthy...the longer the sperm lasts..the better the chance of hitting that timeframe.


hi - September 10

I don't think there is any way to really answer that Q-ovulation doesn't occur based on the time of day so really it could be any time. The egg usually lives for 24 hours, so yes it is up to the sperm to live long enough to get it when it comes down. This is why so many women have a hard time ttc.


Lil - September 10

I heard it is possible (very unlikely though) that sperm can live UP TO seven days!


Amanda - September 10

I think the sperm pool in your uterus and can live like up to 72 hours in there!!!!!


Margo - September 10

I know that I got pregnant from sperm of the day before. So for me, it lived at least a day and was strong enough to meet egg when I ovulated. (my hubby was out of down when I ovulated but we bd'd the whole weekend before he left.)


Lisa - September 10

It seems almost impossible doesn't it? There is like a 2% chance every month of getting pregnant...but it happens.



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