Mil Is Freaking Me Out Or Am I Being Hormonal

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Leahp - August 5

Hey ladies, I just want to see if I'm overreacting, because I actually lost sleep over this silly feeling last night!! About in the middle of the pregnancy I mentioned how I would love to have some great baby pictures of my husband so we can frame them and put them in the nursery, that way we can watch as she grows to see who her looks are favoring. Well, when we were visiting my MIL I asked for a pic of her when she was a little girl because I thought I would do neat black and whites of all the grandparents when they were little, so she found one and gave it to me, I was fine with it. Now in the mail yesterday I recieved a huge card board envelope that said photos, she had made really nice copies, about six of her when she was a little girl and EVEN an 8x10!!! I was tossing and turning last night trying to figure out what the h__l she's thinking. Last year when my husband and I were getting married I asked for baby pics of him and she sends these dinky, tiny unclear photos of him. But when it comes to baby pictures of her she goes and gets them professionally done with Kodak paper and all!!!! Am I being weird. I have to say my MIL is a very sweet lady and has been really sweet through out the pregnancy, but she keeps making these statements that our baby girl is going to look just like her, (jokingly) and now after receiving those photos, she may be really hoping for it. LORDY!!! I e-mailed her and thanked her for the photos but said I don't have any nice, clear photos of my husband and was hoping she could make copies of his baby photos, hopefully she'll get the hint!


E - August 5

I think she is extremely excited about the baby, and hopes the baby will look like her is some way. Afterall, she is a blood relative... It is weird to send an 8X10. I would make something for her to keep at her house, with her photos and the babies. You know, a "grandma and baby" photo frame. Maybe that is all she wants anyhow. Who needs the mother when you have grandma, right, lol????


chel - August 5

Maybe she didn't understand what you really needed. Or, she thought she was being helpful. Just use the pictures you need and put the others in an album you could start for baby. Maybe get different pictures of family in there for your baby to have when it gets older.



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