Mil Tries To Buy Everything

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to L - December 7

sounds like she is the one who cant win. that womans buyin u all kinds of stuf and all u do is whine. man, talk about bitin the hand that feeds u. u havent given any good reasons to b so p__sd off. except for petty control freak issues of ur own


Ang - December 7

I definately feel for you -- I'm familiar with the crazy mil. Before I was pregnant she was constantly berating me in front of everyone and calling me everything from "a s___t" to a "no good little whore", and this would be in front of my husband and his brothers. I don't understand why she has so much against me since I hardly know her and when I do see her I'm nothing but pleasant, even my husband agrees that her behavior is completely insane. Once she found out I was pregnant she started calling me everyday, as though to suck up to me, and started questioning me endlessly about my baby and saying "well you know, she *I* was pregnant...." and while I appreciate the fact that she is interested in my baby I'm not interested in being used to she can be near him. My dh agrees that her behavior will revert back to exactly what it was before once the baby comes and I'm not interested in having my child exposed to that sort of behavior -- she's not safe to be around. I mean, she completely fabricates all these stories to tell my dh (which he is aware of) and then cried to phone to him about how mean I am when I may not have even spoke to hear for over a week. I know that she's going to insist on being at the hospital, but as cold as it sounds, I'm not compromising on teh fact that she WILL NOT be allowed to be there -- my dh fully supports my fact since his relationship with her isn't exactly dandy either. Just because she's the "grandmother" doesn't mean she's ent_tled to a free-pa__s to hara__s me and treat me like c___p and then coddle my baby whenever she wants. Sorry, but that is simply not happening. So my sympathies to all who have an over-bearing mil -- whichever the circ_mstance.


A. - December 7

Yikes! I have MIL problems, too. Well, I think most women do. My advice: either just flat out tell her you don't need this stuff, and that as a parent, you want to bestow gifts on your child yourself OR try giving her a "list" of things to see if it keeps her occupied. This has worked with my MIL in other aspects (no baby yet!) of our lives. Just tell her her things like, "well, for Christmas (Baby Doe, lol) needs some new bottles and a sleeper. And a pack of diapers would be nice, too." She may or may not take the hint, but it's worth a try!


* - December 8

how's mother is trying to get custody of my daughter. she's gonna lose but she's still trying.


Mary - December 8

Ladies, I know MIL can be very difficult but at least they help you ladies out even though its very annoying. My daughter who is my first child gets hand me downs and my husband's mother really does not give her much. Every time I buy something for her they tell me to -stop waisting money cause the hand me downs are good. I get very annoyed because I work and my husband does too and we both have good jobs so why can't my daughter look nice. My sister keeps giving me all of her sons cloths so my daughter looks like a tom boy. And when I dress her up that she looks like a little princess thay act like I'm being stuck up or flashy. My goodness shes only little once. Anyways I do what I want. I can't be bothered with family. My husband's sister has not even come to see her and my daughter is 3 years old. She keeps giving us excuses. You are all very fortunate that your family members shower your children with gifts.


Heather - December 8

I know what you're saying Mary, but you have to understand that most of these women are doing it out of malice - and in an attempt to out-do everyone else. That's not a lesson I want my kid picking up on.


L - December 8

Exactly right Heather!!! I'm tired of these woman saying, oh you need to be more thankful!! Sure, I love all the gifts, but it really comes down to that she's trying to out do everyone else, because once she noticed that my aunt was buying us a lot of things, and I talked about getting a tv in our bedroom, she says, why don't you ask your aunt to get it for you? That about made me steam!! She was being cynical and mean!!! Thus isn't about giving gifts out of the kindness of her heart, it's trying to win us over and it's only making my husband and I think she's more crazy!!



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