Mirena Pregnant On Birthcontrol Again

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msdrgnfly - April 25

I am now 10-11 days past due on my period.. had this mirena in for 2.3 yrs now... no periods the first few months.. than light periods on time that lasted only 3-4 days... only missed 6 days once.. but never this long.. I have alot of pregnancy signs.. had 2 kids already (I'm 24 if that matters lol)... and new statistics show that it is 1:100 girls get prego.. not 3000 or 1000 anymore.. those were when it first came out.. I have talked to many docs now.. I took a prego test 2 days ago saying negative.. hmm.. still not believing it til i see my doc though.. It is scary cause I know even though it is kinda rare to get prego.. the IUD prevents an egg to fertilize "in" the uterus... but there is still a chance of fertilizine on the "outside" causing a tubal pregnancy which u or the baby can die from if raptures.. Oh and the 99.9% effective c__p.. now that it is years later.. its bull.. bull bull!!! lets see.. how effective does it say pills and patch is.. hmm.. I got prego with my second one on the patch. I don't think women are made for birth control lol.. its in our nature to have kids I guess. What do you think? Think I'm prego? Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, light headed, fatigue way more than usual, increase in appet_te, metallic taste, weird cravings, hardly anything sounds good to eat inless I am craving it, mile-sometimes severe cramps in lower abdomen and sometimes on right side, NO BLEEDING for 5.3 weeks now, Heavy clear discharge, MOODY let me tell ya, shakey, dizzy.


mama4andmore - April 26

hello i once had the mireana also it was a horrible thing. I had mine removed. It made me have pregnancy syptoms sp?? as well. My periods were very irregular . Mireana over a period of time can also stop periods. Be sure to still get checked, but I think its just the effects of mireana. I personally hated it.. My doc also told him i would be preg within 60 days after removal. well 7months later I am still trying to conceive. So make sure you have the mireana itself checked also. Good Night


Preggo - April 27

I too had mine removed after 5 mths. It made my really depressed and I broke out in acne all over my back and face. It was horrid. Ever since I took it out (Nov. 2006) I have been trying to get pregnant to no avail. It has made me so irregular that my cycle is totally out of wack. I hardly have menses at all :(



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