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mandy - March 17

i am expierencing lite cramps in my ovaries


jessica - February 12

I have had countless misscarrages and if you are cramping it doesnt hurt to see a doc. i the cramps go on and off than it may be you. also are you having them at the same time as you would be having you period, if so dont worry...


si - March 10

i think my wife has had a miscarage today . her bleeding has redused to normal periads. should she see a doctor


Kim - March 17

Sue, I had a M\C and once my Doc know that my HCG levels where normal It was safe for me to try to get preg again. I did'nt have to wait any certain amount of time. Hope that helps.


mandy - March 17

some cramping in normal. Have you had any bleeding?


jennifer - December 2

i had been having lots of cramping when i was supposed to have my period, it came exactly 1 moth late, and now i am having heavy bleeding and clotting.


m - December 3

Sue, I had a mc in September. I didn't wait a full cycle, and got pregnant 3 weeks later. My body wasn't healed and I lost that one too. It's definitely best to wait. Doctors tell you that for a reason! What harm can it do to wait just one cycle and significantly reduce your chances of having another mc? Patience, my dear! :o)


Ka Cee - December 10

how do you know if you are having a miscarage


michelle - December 12

i am 16weeks and experiencing lots of cramps and spotting. is this normal or am i going to have a miscarage??


k - December 12

its not normal you should go to the hospital and have them check out you and the baby


vicki - May 28

what makes you have a misscarrage


Diana - June 13

what makes you have a misscarrage?


Karen - June 14

To answer the last two questions. The causes of miscarriages are unknown especially in the first 3 months. It can be both enviromental, gentics or chormosomes abnormalites. Once a miscarriage is happening it is unpreventable. It is just a part of life the unfortuntately some women have to deal with.


lyndsey - June 15

how long after a miscarrage would a pregnacy test give a positive result ?


J - June 15

Nothing can "make" you have a misscarrage.


Name: J | - June 15

hi there i am having kind of severe cramps but i ain't bleeding i want to hospital and did two blood test the first one was low and the second doubbled i am feeling confused i am going to lose the baby coz i don't want to happen


tlo - June 19

after a mc how long does the cramping and bleeding last?



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