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Jamie - March 4

My husband and I just found out that I am around 3 or 4 weeks along. I have been reading some things, and it really has me worried. I'm 19 years old, and this is my first baby, so what are my chances that I might miscarrage. I do not know very much about this and it is really freaking me out, so if your could tell me anything, I would really appreciate it.


leslie - March 4

hi jamie I am also 19 and 10 weeks I am scared about a m/c too..this is also my first baby..I don't want to tell many people about the news because I would not like something bad happening and having to tell everyone again that would be worst. I have heard that after 12 weeks and after you hear the baby's heart beat the chances of a m/c decreases a lot..I would have to ask my doctor next time I go.


P - March 4

The magic number seems to be 12 weeks. Meaning the chances go down dramatically. I do hate to be the bearer of bad news though. You will never not be worried EVER again. I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first and I'm still worried. My baby is breech so I have to have a c-section. So I'm all "what if it means something is wrong and they're not telling me?". noone else in my family has had a c-section. I'm not even pretending I'm rational. I know there is nothing I can do at this stage but it doesn't stop the worrying. I'm not sure if it's worse because I did have a miscarriage or if it's just how I am. Maybe not everyone will worry quite so much but I think, to a degree, everyone does. If you're not worrying about miscarriages you will be worrying about if they're growing properly, if yu're eating the right foods, if you're gaining too much/not enough weight blahblahblah. Just try to relax and know that everything will be okay.


P - March 4

PS Know that there is nothing you can do to cause or prevent a miscarriage okay? This is a__suming you aren't freebasing kittens or whatever. ;-)


Carolina - March 6

Ususally miscarraige happens before you find out you're pregnant. It's said that 15% - 20% of all pregnancies end in m/c. I myself have had bad experiences. I am in the middle of my 3rd m/c. Which the odds of that are supposed to be around 1%.


lynette - March 7

The main reason for early miscarriages (before 12 weeks) is a chromosomal abnormality. At the point of conception when egg and sperm meet, all the chromosomes are in place set up for whatever they are responsible for at each stage. When the baby gets to the point of development that the chromosome was responsible for and it's not right, the pregnancy ends. That explains why some people miscarry at 6 weeks and others not until 10-12. At 12 weeks all the baby's bits are developed and just have to grow, which is why they say that usually m/c's happen in the first 12 weeks. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, and nothing you can do to cause it - it's just one of those things. About 1 in 5 confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage. All that said, it does you no good to worry about these things, just enjoy being pregnant and fingers crossed you will be one of the 80% of women for whom nothing goes wrong. Good luck!


E - March 7

The risk for MC increases with maternal age. You have less chance of miscarrying than a woman in her late 20's. Like lynette said, do not worry. I suffered two miscarriages in my 30's. Although they were painful, I would not take them back as I am now 37 weeks pregnant with the baby that was meant to be:) Happy pregnancy!!


Karen - March 9

Do not worry think positive You will be ok. I am 28 and had a miscarriage 5 months ago.(even now writing this I feel like crying) THe good news is I am now 11 weeks and still so afraid. I am praying all the time. I feel much better with this pregnancy. I trust God this one is ment to be. Just relax and keep positive and pray. !!!


tracey - March 18

hi jamie, i am currently 12 weeks pregnant and also find myself in a panic regarding miscarriage. i had a miscarriage at 17weeks 4 days last time and since have realised there really is no safe point to reach in a pregnancy. My only advice that i can offer you and others like ourselves is to relax, be thankful that we are pregnant and try to enjoy it! Its all in gods hands now, what will be will be!


Alis - March 19

Just an FYI... 1 in 5 diagnosed pregnancies end in m/c. There is thought to be another 20% of pregnancies that end in m/c and the woman doesn't even know. That means an average of 40% of pregnancies end in m/c .


Correction - March 19

While I feel it's important not to sugarcoat the facts about miscarriage, I hate it when I read stats on here that are incorrect. I have done a good amount of research on this and have talked to my uncle, who is an ob/gyn, and the risk for m/c in a confirmed pregnancy is about 10%-15%. They say that the actual rate is about 20%-25% since many women miscarry before they know they are pregnant. Age is a factor since there are less viable eggs when you get older but there are so many successful pregnancies out there that we don't hear about as often since many of those women don't even seek out these boards. Yes, there is a risk but we all need to keep things in perspective. In general, I think that you will find more people on a board like this who have had a miscarriage in the past because they come to a place like this for support, which is great. I would say that after reading for several months, the m/c rates on here are much, much higher than they are in the real world where many women go through their pregnancy without ever visiting a forum such as this one. Just my two cents.


Corrections - March 19

Well... My uncle's sister's brother's nephew is no ob/gyn so I don't have a "relative" to ask. However I too have done a lot of research and my own ob has told me the same thing. 20% of DIAGNOSED pregnancies end in miscarriages... DIAGNOSED. There are another 20% of pregnancies that end before women even know they are pregnant. They think they just had a late/heavy period. If there is multiple sites stating that it is only a 10-15% of confirmed pregnancies as well as the 20-25% I would love to see it as it would be rea__surance for myself as well as a lot of other women I’m sure. Also... The m/c rates are not based on forums. Just my two cents.


Brandi Rose - April 8

My advice to you is quit reading and focus on more positive things. You will drive yourself insane reading all the different things that can effect your baby. Everything will be fine. The chances of you having a healthy baby are higher than miscarriage.


Thank You - April 8

Thank you Brandi, for your positive response. Still trying to figure out why the post just prior to yours is so negative. I wrote the first correction post and I wrote it because it is true. I am sorry if the person that responded does not have family in the medical field but I come from a family of doctors and nurses and I am just trying to be positive since focusing on a percent is not very productive. My advice to that person is to not be so negative and to try to comprehend what I actually wrote, if at all possible. In terms of m/c rates on forums, I never said that they were based on them but you will find that a lot more than 20% of women on here, for example, have miscarried, and have come to a board like this for support. Lighten up already and quit raising the actual statistics. If you weren't so skeptical, maybe you would feel more comforted with your own pregnancy.


julz - July 23

Im 9 weeks with my third child and I have to agree with the person who replied that you will never be free from worry again, just wait till the cot death worry hits or the meningitis worry or riding bikes on the roads and god forbid my worst nightmare when they get their licence my babies behind the wheel of a leathel weapon makes me shudder enjoy, your pregnancy and it the words of Dorris Day whatever will be will be.


Missa - August 1

Take it from someone who has just recently misscarried. There are no set causes determind for a miscarriage. It usually happens within the first tri mester. They say that a miscarriage can be cause do to an unhealthy fetus, and your body will try to reject taht. They say that severe stress can induce a misscarriage and that some health issues can cause a misscarriage. Also the abuse of drugs and liquir. Most pregnancy are normal healthy pregnancies. You should not dwell on what bad things could happen. You should enjoy the life that you carry inside you every moment and thing of all the goods things that you will be able to do with this child. Mine was do to health issues and severe stress. I blame the father mostly. (LOL)



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