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Telly - June 28

It seems like a lot of women on these forums have had miscarriages. I am really sorry for your loss. Some of them happen after 6 weeks, around 8-12 weeks pregnant. I am just wondering if these women had any signs beforehand (before the cramping and the bleeding) that something was wrong. My sister-in-law, who just miscarried, said that she knew from the beginning that something was not right. I am just wondering about your experiences.


Jenn - June 28

I had m/c and looking back now i think deep down i knew something wasn't right but didn't want to let myself think that i would lose the baby.


Telly - June 28

Thank you Jenn for sharing that with me and I am really sorry for your loss.


~Terra - June 28

I misscarried at 9-11wks, but there was no fetal pole at 7 wks, 2days, I knew i was going to misscarry for the following reasons: brown spotting, turned into what looked like, a regular menstral cycle... I lost the fullness I had in my b___sts, lost all morning sickness.. Etc, I knew two wks before I misscarried... Then I bled for 4 wks, just got my first menstral cycle and got the go ahead to start baby making again... *because it was a regular first menstral cycle*.. (ttc)


P - June 28

I got pregnant "by surprise" on Feb. 27th 2004 and for some reason it just didn't feel right. I kept telling my best friend I had a sort of feeling of doom. She just told me it was nerves and it'll pa__s. It never did. One day when I was at work, about 7 weeks in, I started to bleed. I asked about it and was told it could be implantation bleeding because it was very light and I wasn't cramping. Then I started to pa__s tiny little pieces of tissue. I called our TeleHealth line (It's a gov. service for people to ask medical questions of practical nurses and pharmacists in Ontario) and the nurse asked me a million questions and then told me to go the hospital. As soon as she told me to go to the hospital I knew I was miscarrying. When I called my friend the next day I left a message on her voice mail and when she called me back she was already crying and said "you kept saying something was wrong..." Anyway, I got my little booger back in June so she wasn't gone that long. :)


Karen - June 29

I was like Jenn down deep I felt like something was not right. I even talked to the baby and asked her to hold on for mommy. I miscarried at 6 weeks. The night I knew it was happening and even after it happen I just knew. I remember getting back into bed and telling my bf that I loss the baby. I cried the whole night and dont remember falling alseep. The next day I went to the doc and he confirmed the miscarriage. I had the baby sac and everything in a cup. I even had it on ice trying to preserve it. It was by far the worst experience in my life. Thank God that I have my little man on the way due September. I thank God for my baby everyday.


Christina - June 29

I too felt that something was not right. I kept calling my doctor and they would say everything was fine, I knew it wasn't. Then I started having brown discharge and a little red. It was very light and I never cramped at all. I did pa__s some small blood clots. I think I was about 5 or 6 weeks. :( That was last June, I am now 32 weeks pregnant and counting! :) Good luck to everyone!!


Julie - June 29

I had a miscarriage back in Nov. and this was a planned pregnancy but from the moment I found out I was pregnant I had a sense that something was wrong. This was just a feeling I had. Then when I was 8 weeks I had some minor brown spotting and went to the doctor and the baby had a weak heartbeat and we gave it a few days to see if it would change and I started having heavier bleeding and eventually had to have a dnc because the baby had died. This was really hard I had no cramping or pain at all just some spotting. I am now 25 weeks along with a healthy boy. I think for some women it is still taboo to talk about. Years ago women had them but noone talked about it.


~Terra - June 29

P- I was similar, and I'm also in Ontario.


Liss - June 29

I to new somthing was very wrong from the start. I found out last feb 2004 that i was pregnant. I did not want to tell anyone because deep down i new that this baby was not going to stay with us. One sunday at about 7 weeks i noticed some brown discharge. Tryed to ingore it thinking it was old blood. about a week later thge same thing. this countinued until 10 weeks when i started to pour blood withy clots wehnt to the OPD and the kept me over night the said my cervix was closed tight in the am they did an U/s and sure enought the baby was gone. I am now 35 weeks due aug 6 with a very active baby.


Telly - June 29

I really appreciate you sharing all your stories. I know it must not be easy. But you all confirmed what my sister-in-law said, that deep down a mother's intuition is a very powerful thing. Thank you for sharing your stories.


Karen - June 29

Telly please let your sister in law know that miscarriages are very common. A lot of women have miscarriages and then go on to have healthy normal babies. I got pregnant again 3 months after my miscarriage. If she wants to try again in the next couple of months she should start taking Folic acid. This prevents a lot of birth defects and streghtens the womb. Much baby dust to her.



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