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Amy - March 3

Well I went to the OB/GYN today and they confirmed that I am 4 weeks and a few days pregnant! She talked a lot about miscarriages, and I was wondering if most GYNs do that? It made me really nervous! I have to wait 4 weeks before I have my first prenatal physical. She made it seem so crazy that I was only 4 weeks and positive. Luckily she was only a PA and I see my regular GYN in 2 weeks for counseling. Any thoughts?? Sorry this was so long!


momof3 - March 3

Sorry I cannot help you out of that one. With all of my babies I did not find out until 3or4 months pregnant.. So I did not go to the Doctors until then. I think it might be normal?


Jf - March 3

I have always found out very early and my doc never really talked about it


rose - March 3

amy-you shouldnt worry...i am sure your dr just wants to prepare you for the worst because it is so early on....congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!


Rachel* - March 3

I found out I was pg right after I missed my first period and called my doctor's office the same week. They set my appt for 8 weeks and didn't really need to see me before then. I think it's because they want to make sure you get to 8 weeks without a miscarriage. Does that make sense. I'm sure if I had a history of problems they would have seen me sooner, but since this was my first pregnancy they thought it better to wait. No discussion of miscarriages though.


tara - March 3

she was just giving you info and preparing you for the worst. My first check up appointment wasn't 'till about 8 weeks - as same as Rachel - so to make sure i didn't have an early miscarrige. I think some Dr. prepare you just incase, so don't worry about it...just keep positive. Congrats!


P - March 3

My doctor mentioned it when the test came back positive. I was about four weeks at the time. He said the stats were about one in three would miscarry before three months. I think he was trying to prepare me for the worst but didn't actually think I would have one. He was really surprised when I did. Knowing the stats and the most common reasons for miscarriages kinda made it slightly more bearable and I didn't feel like it was all my fault. I think your doctor is just trying to prepare you for the worst while hoping for the best. Good luck. I'm sure everything will be great.


Lexi - March 3

I wouldn't worry. I am 11 weeks and when I found out my doctor dicussed a lot about miscarriages also. 1 in 6 pregnant woman have a miscarriage in the first trimester. It just needs to be addressed and made aware of that it's not so uncommon. Good Luck


~m~ - March 3

Congrats on the pregnancy! My doc wouldn't see me until around 7-8 weeks also. I think they want to give it time to be able to see the sac/heartbeat/etc. Before that, it is hard (sometimes impossible) to see, therefore causing mommy-to-be to worry. So it really is in your best interest. That way, your first one is where you see your little peanut for the first time. They'll probably give you pictures. It is so neat! I'm not sure why she would talk about miscarriage right now, maybe just to prompt you to take care of yourself?? Best of luck to you Amy!!


Karen - April 5

When I found out I was I called my doc and he schedule my appointment 4 weeks later I was already about month. Every doc is different, maybe she just wanted you to know everything. Miscarriages are quite normal and usually orrur early in pregnany. I had one a 6 weeks. I am now into my second trimester and everything seems fine. So just relax, pray and dont worry. What must be will be. Congrats and welcome to our world.



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