Miscarried Last Week

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Jen - July 8

Hi, I had a miscarriage last week and I was under the impression that when you miscarry it happens quickly, with pain and then its all over. Come to find out, this isn't the case all of the time. I started to miscarry last monday and called my doc complaining of pain in my right rib and shoulder. They sent me to my general physician who said that it sounded like my gall bladder. Well, long story short, my body was rejecting the baby. This was a second pregnancy for me at 2 months, already saw a heartbeat and all tests came back ok. But I started bleeding for no reason come wed, and went to ER and they said that the womb was closed. Friday came and so did the cramping, went to er and had an ultrasound and the baby was gone. Then saturday came and the pain is more excruciating than labor. It was awful and i didn't know that is was something that you just had to sit and wait for it to pass. It was horrible and I know my doc sees these kinds of things everyday-but I don't-so it was hard when they think that I should just be "ok" with it. I know now that you need a mourning period, its hard. Just wanted to share somethings that I experienced and maybe hear others. thanks....


E - July 8

Jen, I am so sorry. I am giving you huge hugs right now.


Karen - July 8

I am so sorry that this has happen to you. I too miscarried with my first pregnancy at 6 weeks. It is really hard emtionally and phycially. I would recommed you take it one day at a time and when you want to cry no matter where you are CRY. It is your right to. It also helped me to talk about it. My prayers are you. All the best


Jen - July 8

thanks guys-it is hard knowing how to feel right now. I, being stupid, thought that m/c couldn't happen to me and I started it's baby book early and I had it's first ultrasound on the fridge and I feel like I really have lost a child-thanks though, it's nice to have people who understand.


Karen - July 8

Jen, please not not feel stupid I did the same thing. I went out and bought tons of books etc. Had explore names and everything even started talking to the baby. I too never dreamed it could happen to me. Surprising after talking to other women I found out it was more common than I taught. All the best.


Karen - July 8

Oh yea I know it will be hard , but please never blame yourself, never, never.


Jen - July 8

i know, my doc siad something like half of all women will have a minimum of 1 m/c during their reproductive years-the RN that I had in the er had 3-one between each of her kids. I am amazed. But I guess it is just natures way. Blaming myself was hard not to do, I had accidently taken advil for a headache and I had it fixed in my head that that was the reason for the m/c. But I know now after doing some reading that m/c's just happen.


nelly - July 8

I am so sorry Jen I feel terrible for you I really do. I hope everything gets better for you. Hang in there sweetie.


To Jen - July 8

Jen I went through the same thing when I was 17 (im 28 now) I found out I was pregnant and then at about 3 months i started bleeding. I went to the doctor and they said that I was having a spontanious abortion. They told me to just go home and lay down. Well I blead for about 3 weeks and then one night I woke up with the most awesome pain i have ever had. I knew something was happening. Just not sure what. I went to the er and I was actually delivering the fetus. It hurt so bad! All I kept saying was "please give me something for the pain" Then finally it came out and the pain went away. I will NEVER forget what that felt like. EVER! I was so scared. But it was a long process for me too...


jen - July 8

I know, I went to see my doc and I asked for something for the pain and the gal that was subing for my doc looked at me like I was a drug addict or something. It wasn't like I was planning on selling it or something-lets get real-m/cing is no joke. It is a continous pain-horrible...


to Jen - July 8

I know!! It hurts really bad. I wonder how close to real labor having a miscarriage is. Does it feel anything like it? I just know i hurt alot.


Jen - July 8

with contractions, you know wshen the pain is coming b/c you time them and you can gat an epidural-the pain with a m/c is the same but you don't know when it will end and when its coming.


Harry - July 8

Sorry. ((HUgs))


ally - July 9

hey jen, i had a misscarraige in march when i was about 2 months preg, and i want to say, make sure you talk to someone about it. get councelling or something. because, i didnt tell anyone, not even my boyfriend until months after and all those months i suffered alone. only about 3 people know now, and its stil hard that because noone knows about it, noone understands why i get upset all the time. it is a heartbreaking event, especially if you already love the baby more than life. good luck in recovering from this horrible event. and i agree, about the pain. its the most painful thing i have ever had to go through. i havent had a baby before so i cant compare, but it was so painful. im so sorry.



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