Missed Birth Control Pills And Pregnancy

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cassie - September 7

I have been on birth control pills for a couple years, but recently i have been very forgetfull. Regardless of me missing pills every month, my period still comes on time. However, in august, i missed the very first 10 pills and was having unprotected s_x with my fiance. I also missed a couple of other days during that month. Now, my period is seven days late. I had really bad pms symptoms, especially tiredness and irritable, right before my period was due. Now, I am still really tired, irritable, my br___ts appear larger with more dark veins, my appet_te has increased greatly, and i wake up dizzy with headaches. I have taken three tests so far and they all have been negative. Do I have to wait a couple of weeks to take a test? Also, I have not started the pills again yet and still have been having unprotected s_x. When should I take a test? And why I am I having symptoms if I am not really pregnant? PLEASE HELP ME-ANYONE!! Thanks


Viv - September 4

With the s_xual history and the symptoms it sounds very likely that you are pregnant. The fact that the tests are still showing negative is worrying - they should be positive by the time symptoms appear. I think you should see a doctor soonest.


ca__sie - September 5

someone else please answer, i need to know soon whether or not to go to the doctor, thanks


ca__sie - September 6

what do other people think about this?? does it sound as if i am preg??


ca__sie - September 7

please help!


Viv - September 7

http://www.parentsplace.com/expert/midwife/qas/0,,166298_100134,00.html answers your question. If you don't want to go to the doctor, call the Health Department or Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN. Any one of them will give you a lab test which is more accurate than the urine test.



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