Missing Father

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nila - February 9

It's a long story but here it go 's..My boyfriend and i have three yr old together through my whole preganancy and after he was not support of and still isnt he has cheated several times and always used excuses as to why.after several years of him not being there or us, he disappeared for almost a month no phone call nothing. i finaly gave up and tried to move on .i met some one and after a month or so if dating we both went our own ways.My daughters father came back in to our lives again and we moved into an apartment together.i had a referal placed on my phone for friends and family so they could beable to contact me.one evening my phone rang and it was him my boyfriend answered and he hung up. he thought he had the wrong number. my boyfriend then proceeded to star 69 the number back and pretended to be me ( ha ha) of course to make along story short i got accused of seeing the man while we had our place.that of course was not true.needless to say i found out all along my boyfriend had an add out on the internet and i was actually able to talk to the girl on the phone.I managed to move to my own place with our daughter and began seeing the other man as i was wanting to move on. I dated him for another 4 months when i found out i was pregnant by him. before i could even tell him i was expsecting my daughters father broke into my computer from his job and proceeded to email him under my email account and gave him his cell number making him think it was mine.he proceeded to tell him i was expespecting before i could even tell him.to this day my son has not seen his father. have him in court in february for child support. what do i do with my three year olds dad do i continue trying to make this relationship work for my daughters sake. and what am i to tell my son about a father who doesnt want him. and if he does want to see him should i let him considering he has never made any effort? this is a man who when i was 6 months pregnant pulled in front of me in a gas station while i was putting gas in my car and drove by me slowly and smiled..nothing else just kept going. it seems i have to distructful people in my life.


Mrs o - February 10

I would not want anything to do with your daughters father. He sounds nuts. This is one sad story. You must give your children the best you've got since doesn't sound like there will be a father around. Maybe start church and have church friends and possibly meet someone there who will be a true husband and father figure for both your children. Lots of prayers for you.



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