Mistake No Condom Used During Sex

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jason22 - September 20

Hey everyone, I'm Jason and i'm 18 years old....sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this....but the situation is that i had s_x yesterday but without a condom. i didn't ejaculate in her, but i did pull out and finish off on her stomach (graphical, i know! but thats what happened)....anyway, stupid move on my part, but we start having s_x again about 10 minutes later.....again, no condom, and i didn't ejaculate in her. the only sperm left was what was on me from before anyway given that situation is it possible for her to become pregnant? or like, what are the chances of it happening? i know, stupid mistake but i know not to do this again thanks, jay


FrancesM - September 20

Jason, yikes! There is always a chance of getting pregnant when you are not protected. She would have a better chance of getting pregnant around her ovulation time. Do you know the last time she had her period? That would help you guys figure it out...


GimmeaBub - September 20

Like they taught you in school anytime you have unprotected s_x you pick yourself at risk of pregnancy and stds, prec_m can also geta girl pregnant, you may need to wait and see what happens, is this your gf?


Grandpa Viv - September 20

There could have been enough sperm left in your urethra when you went back in. If her next period is due around Oct 6 there is some small chance of pregnancy. She could take PLAN B tonight or tomorrow to major reduce the chance of pregnancy. Good luck!


damaj31 - September 21

yeah here's something enlightening i learned in my s_xuality cla__s the other day. Now if i understood correctly, there is a part in the male anatomy called the cowper's gland. Its fuction is to cleanse the p___s shaft you know from like old sperm or urine, stuff like that. also (my teacher said) that this part of the man also releases sperm as well. its either from the cowper's gland itself or just from the left behind sperm in the shaft. Thats pretty much where you get pre- c_m. Only thing is that no matter how intuned you are, you can't notice it coming out. So therefore the pull out method is a joke. you never know when you may leave sperm behind. My advice as a one young adult to another is to use protection next time. Mainly for your health as well, you never can be to certain.



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