Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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Lola. - June 15

My mother is white, with blue eyes. My father is very dark polynesian(maori) with deep brown eyes. I have green, hazel eyes, my eyes stayed blue for a couple of years though, everyone thought they would stay that way :(


kimj - June 15

i am white and portuguese and my hubby is black... we have a 6 year old little boy and he is adorable. already girl problems. when he was born he looked just like dad but white. it was cute! he is a really pretty tan color he has wonderful curly hair and awesome eyes. we are 19 weeks preggo and hopinf for a girl...


Manda - June 15

Here is a cool link for you to try. http://www.lifehacker.com/software/life-hacks/calculate-your-future-childs-eye-color-103262.php You can put in your date and figure out the probability of your child's eye color, depending on your eye color, your mate's eye color and the eye color of your parents. Give it a try!


bump - July 6



NM - September 4

that is so sad that there are people like you still lurking around in the world. Now what I am not understanding is if you have such a problem with people of different races, why wold you be looking at this website. Well maybe its not your fault...that you are a sad little man who obviously has nothing beter to do than look on the internet for sites like this, and for what, so you can look like an a__s. Well, you will find out sooner or later, and hopefully sooner, that God is the only One allowed to judge us. In the end you will be judged, so I suggest you think about that. Remember that God loves you just as much as he loves all the other races he created.


[email protected] - September 5

my baby girl is multiracial she has a light peanut b___ter complexion and curly hair. Shes two her complexion has been the same since she was one. So has her hair. My god son is black with west african decent he is dark caramel with green eyes and dark blonde hair. You never know.


kEEKEE - September 5

You will have to wait until the baby get around 2. Babies complexions change for the first couple years of their life. My oldest is Irish, black, and native american. he looked white when he was first born. Around 5 he finally became a shade darker. He his curly hair and brown eyes. Just beautiful I'm not just saying that b/c I'm his mom....LOl.....My youngest is black and Native american. He is 16 months. He has carmel skin and curly hair. Another beautiful child,,Boy, I have some gorgeous boys...Lucky me!!!......Some day we will all be one color. No one is 100% any race. Well in my eyes. You baby will be beautiful. Hell, all babies are beautiful. Take care


kEEKEE - September 5

Your baby"


Geez - September 5

Steve, you need to get out more. This is the year 2000. Slavery was abolished some time ago, black people can sit wherever they like on the buses and people like you are now generally regarded as uneducated, sad losers, who have no life and no self-esteem. Really, you should broaden your horizons or kill yourself. I personally would prefer the later, since you are probably beyond saving. Hey, you obviously don't enjoy life anyway, if all you live for is to spread hatred. Put yourself out of your misery. The world will thank you for it!


Christina - September 6

Poor, poor, Steve!! Instead of using all of your energy being so hateful, you should brush up on your grammer skills!! I reported your silly remarks as poor taste (indeed they are! ) You need help kid- My advice to you is get a life, open your eyes and for God's sake take some English cla__ses!! Maybe you will luck out and have an African American instructor.


Brandy V - September 6

I have a mixed child. With mine, not much changed after birth but the skin tone (got darker) and you know the "growing up" features. Either way the child will be beautiful. BUT... our nephew and niece are mixed (the mother is WHITE WHITE) and those two look white still and they are almost 4. It just depends.


Leigh - September 6

My husband and I are both technically white, but he is extremely olive toned (because of Indian in his family) while I am as fair as can be (Irish/English!), so we've been having fun with this, too. Of course it's not to the same degree as you and your husband, but still fun! Anyhow, genetically, brown eyes are more dominant than blue - typically children will not have blue eyes unless one parent is blue and the other is grey/green/blue. With you and your husband's mixture, you could possible have a hazel-eyed baby. As for skin color, genetically the darker tones will play out. If you play around online, you might be able to find a skin chart that diagrams 300+ tones and has you match up your approximate color with your spouse's to show a series of "guesstimates" for what your children could turn out like. Good luck with everything...and I'm sure you will have a lovely baby! :)


lauren - November 5

im mixed race an i dont look it it really up sets me beacuse people miss juge you some think your white an call u a liar when u say ure mixed race its hard but you get used to it some of my mates are mixed race an they look darker than me


what? - November 5

this post is sooooo old, and i think that everyone has argued about this quite enough...lets just let this one get off of the page please.


trinity - November 6

hi kris, I am very white and my husband is arab but black, and his ancesters are of sudanese decent..so I can relate. Your baby will be beautiful! Don't worry. I have 4 year old daughter named sayidah and I am pregnant with our second child. The baby takes the best of both worlds. My daughter got dark skin with curlly hair but my round face and ponited nose. God willing yours will be gorgeous. Dont worry..just pray that it is healthy and let god take care of the rest..


Jenn - November 6

I have a nephew like that and he has the most georgus skin colour he looks so well tanned all year and very healthy looking beautiful babies they are all the best to you



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