Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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Jenn - November 6

I have a nephew like that and he has the most georgus skin colour he looks so well tanned all year and very healthy looking beautiful babies they are all the best to you


Jaynie Dowdy - November 6

My son is 6 and mixed. He actually looks just my dad and brother, but with a better tan. Most people think he is hispanic. But regardless of their skin tone, their features is what makes their appearance. He has my chin, my brother's smile, my dad's head, and my grandfather's ears. He has his dad's eyes. I think it is hard for people to see past the color. If a mixed child is dark, then people say, oh he looks like his dad. but, is people actually took the time to look at their actual features, they would see more. It could just be a little brown you. I have a friend with a mixed daughter. She is medium skin tone, but looks just like my white girlfriend. I tell her all the time, she is a brown version of herself.


just me - November 7

I dont have a mixed child, even though his father gets a very dark tan, I am very pale. His father has brown/black straight hair, I on the other hand have blonde/brown hair and very light blue eyes. I was figuring on a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. What we got shocked us both. My son was a beautiful blonde/red with the prettiest blue eyes, course he does have my skin color.


tamara - December 15

csi las vegas that black guy on their has beautiful skin color and blue eyes what a hunk


Gemma - December 17

I think the baby will have brown skin and probably black or brown hair with dark eyes. My friends dad is black and her mum is white and this is the colouring she has.


babygurl63801 - December 17

KRIS!!! hey i know that your baby will be beautiful!! mixed babies are some of the cutest babies!!! i myselt, am with a black man who already has two mixed daughters and talking bout some beautiful lil girls!!!! i wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy,,and with you and your husband when your little bundle of joy arrives!!!!!!!! good luck!!! keep us updated about your beautiful bundle of joy (that i am sure he or she will be!!)


lesley - December 23

My daughter is going to have a baby in March, her baby will be biracial, we are also very curious as to which features the child will gain from each parent, it is very exciting to wait to find out exactly which skin shade the baby will be!


krc - December 23

I knew a family once..both parents were white, the maternal grandmother was native american I think! ( been a long time ). They had 3 children. The 1st girl had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very tanned skin. The 2nd, & 3rd, a boy & girl had sandy blonde hair & blue eyes. And feature wise they all 3 looked like identical twins! It was soo interesting how the 1st looked sooo differently " colorwise". You never know what genes will pop up! I had a mulatto friend who had kinky fire red hair and intense green eyes with caramel skin! She was gorgeous! I think mixed children are beautiful!


rosa - December 24

my son his half black and half puertoricen his hair is very curly what can I put in his hair.


krc - December 25

Yesterday I was at the mall and saw a mixed couple, white woman & black man & their 2 sons. These boys were probably around 4 & 7 Im guessing and girls better watch out. They are the future calvin klein models!!! Both had sandy blonde, soft curly hair, caramel skin and green eyes! Whew, if only I was still in kindergarden! haha


nunya - December 26

You SICK pedophile. Stop gawking over little kids!!!


krc - December 27

pedophile! Yeah okay. What are you...15 years old!


DJH - December 28

YOur baby sounds like it will be a beautiful bronze baby with dark gentler curls and either gray or blue/brown eyes. If there is any green in your families it could end up with those really beautiful aqua eyes...going to be a great looking baby!


Golden_Sunrise84 - December 28

It all depends on the genes honestly. I am black and my family and I look quote on quote "mixed." My uncle is very dark complexed and he has seafom green eyes, so it all depends. My Great Grandmother was dark complexed and had straight long hair down to her back, and she was black.... It all depends on the genes.. Though black people are all shades under the sun, as well as our eyes, and hair texture run the same way.


Sharona - December 29

Aww congratulations. I cant wait to see my mixed baby either, he's due in march. His daddy is pretty dark and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Whatever the case I think your baby will be beautiful.


karen - January 1

I am a white woman with blue eyes and brown hair my 5yr old sons father is dark black...my son is very light and has green eyes and blonde hair..just depends on who has stronger genes! good luck



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