Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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~S~ - April 7

My bf and I are a mixed couple as well and we're expecting our 1st child together. We both always wonder what our baby will look like. I'm half white half native, my bf is black from the caribbean. He's pretty dark and I'm somewhat fair, but we both have dark hair and brown eyes, although mine are sort of light brown. Anyways, I'm super excited to see what we've created.


toes - April 7

whoever sent the response to my post, lighten up (ok, not the best thing to say given the t_tle of this thread I admit)! Kris, if my comment added to your worries and made you start wondering about the condition of your baby's pigment and the possibility that there was even the remotest possibility of a pattern forming, my apologies. I'd hope that folks on here have seen enough of my posts to realize that I'm not serious with 100% of my posts.


Ann - April 8

Kris...one more thing I forgot to mention. Not sure if it's true with all babies but it was true with my son. Check out the color around the fingernails...that should be the darkest they will get (without tanning)


lisa g - April 8

i am a dark skinned black female and my boyfriend is white(italian) our daughter has a carmel complexion big brown eyes and black curly hair. every thinks she is spanish.


~S~ - April 8

Wow lisa g, she sounds beautiful. Black and Italian must be a very gorgeous mix.


Kimberly Ledwell - April 15

My brother is light skinned and his girlfriend is white. Their child came out with blue eyes and blond hair. He is one years old today and still has blue eyes. It all depends on your family history. We have a history of many white people in our blood line. Most of my family are light skinned and they get lighter with every birth. Your child sounds like it will come out light skinned also. My friend is biracial and his mother is white and his father is darker. He just looks like a regular black person. I know that the child will be beautiful though, most mixed babies are. Good luck


To Toes - April 15

You're comment made me laugh. It's not you're fault if some people have a sense of humour bypa__s! Kris, I'm sure you're baby will be beautiful! I've rarely seen a mixed race child who wasn't.


chezed19 - April 15

Hi. My niece comes from a white mum(blonde hair& blue eyes) & half-cast dad,(black hair&brown eyes) she came out almost completley white but has dark brown curly hair & brown eyes with a few features from her dad, but is abosutley beautiful as i am sure that yours will be too, although the darker is usually the prominent-but not always. Good luck x


<Amy> - April 15

You never really know, look at Michael Ealy he is dark skinned with naturally blue eye's! It is possible.


Billie - April 15

I am a mixed child and I am a light brown color but all of my brothers and sisters are more of a yellow color (Puerto Rican) and we all came out with brown eyes even though my mother had green. My husband on the other hand is also mixed and he came out Puerto Rican too!! lol We are now having our first baby and I am really excited to see what he looks like. Puerto Rican or Brown?!!! edd 06/01/2005


Jenice - April 15

My cousin and her husband (same situation as you) had a girl 2 years ago...and she is the sweetest thing i have ever seen! She was pretty light at first (I think people wondered who the daddy was!!), with dark dark hair. (My cousin has gorgeous natural blonde ringlets, and her hubby has those tight curls, so we figured baby would have curly hair too.) Well, baby has medium brown hair. Yes, it's curly, but they're loose curls. Her eyes are lighter than her daddy's, and her skin is too. They're like a colour wheel...light, darker, darkest. Family pictures look absolutely amazing, because little Daryn is this wonderful link between them! Your baby will be incredibly beautiful! Don't you worry! (And congratulations!!)


More Eyerolling - April 15

but wow look at those google adds down there. "Eyes" everywhere


For u - April 15

Hey Kris, it really depends of the genes. I have to sis-in laws , one is white married to a black guy, the girl is white with brown straight hair , looks nothing like ablack girl. And My other is black married to a white guy, and the boy is white( or very light brown skin) with wooly dark brown hair, looks mixed race. I have seen many interacial couples and none of the children have the same skin complexion ! I'm black myself( quater cast), my hubby is darker than me and my kids are lighter than us. They are very fair. And my daughter looks asian, it's because i think i have some asian blood in me ! ( i was adopted so not sure !) but they are GORGEOUS! and iim not saying it because im their mom, they truly are!


For u - April 15

P.S, my kids stayed very fair for almost a yr. I also know some light skinned black ppl with blue , green or grey eyes. and even blonde and wooly hair. Gorgeous !!!


truthurts - April 16

not all mixed babies come out looking like dolls.so instead of wondering about your babys looks pray for good health


i am mixed!! - April 16

im mixed, my mother is black and my father is white. I have a very light tanned skin. i got my mothers features where it count i think!!haha but i also got my dads side in there as well. both my parents have brown eyes so thats what i have as well but there a sort of light honey brown, i have brown curly, curly, curly hair from both sided. I know that they say that the dark is dominant but im more lighter than i am darker, so you never really know. I am pregnant with my firsst child, and the father is white and hispanic. So our baby will be white, black and hispanic, so im really waiting to see what he or she looks like as well, as long as there healthy, Good Luck!!!



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