Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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i am mixed!! - April 16

im mixed, my mother is black and my father is white. I have a very light tanned skin. i got my mothers features where it count i think!!haha but i also got my dads side in there as well. both my parents have brown eyes so thats what i have as well but there a sort of light honey brown, i have brown curly, curly, curly hair from both sided. I know that they say that the dark is dominant but im more lighter than i am darker, so you never really know. I am pregnant with my firsst child, and the father is white and hispanic. So our baby will be white, black and hispanic, so im really waiting to see what he or she looks like as well, as long as there healthy, Good Luck!!!


sandy - April 16

I am not mixed raced. My mother is dark brown and my father is fair skin. People think I am mixed with white,mexican, and puerto rican. I am totally black. I am just fair skin.Most think I am pretty(only because I am light skin). I do not really comment on my looks. Not all mixed babies are pretty and not all non-mixed babies are ugly. Look at Jasmine Guy, Lisa Bonet etc. They are ugly now and they are only in their late 30's and early 40's. They look aged beyond their years. I am not trying to be rude, but my son is gorgeous and he is black also. He has caramel skin, light brown eyes, and his hair is like that curly type(meaning good but not really baby fine). His father is medium brown, light brown eyes and black curly hair(more curlier than my son). Both my son and his father had hair longer than mines,but I cut my son's hair.


Morena - April 16

Is it mostly white women that sit there and wax lyrical about dem lil brown skinned pickaninies or is it just in my mind? WHO CARES! Fallacy #1 Not all bi racial kids are cute..trust me on that one. It would help if the mothers would try to read how to deal with kinky hair other than throwing gel into it. Ever seen a Maury show with a girl who is teased about her hair and its a mixed race kid with a white mother they put a relaxer in and she is suddenly transformed. White moms have a responsibility to know about afro hair. My mother is cuban and jamaican, My maternal grandma is jamaican and jewish(white), my maternal grandfather is cuban jamaican, my paternal grandparents jamaican. I happen to have 3 beautiful brown kids with an african american male. Im pregnant with a child who will have a puerto rican/ brasilian father. WHO CARES what she looks like...as long as she has all her bits and pieces? And by the way to the poster that says that puerto ricans are yellow.lol....UMM NOT TRUE. All shades and complexions. Peace A Negra Chula


Emma - April 16

My niece is mixed and she is light/medium brown. In between my sister and her husband. She has curly hair but it's a soft texture. She does have brown eyes. She's a doll baby and boy does she know it!!!! You'll never know what you'll get till they're here. I'm wondering the same thing about what my baby will look like and I'm sure he'll look nothing like what I imagine.


MiaBelle - April 17

I think it is very rare for the child to have blue eyes unless a close relative of your husband also had blue eyes. Lighter skin is dominant so it highly unlikely that your children will come out as dark as their dad. My husband is Indian and I'm white and my son came out whiter than me. We're wondering if our second child will be a little darker.


Em - April 17

Hi Kris - Congrats - I too am preg -I'm about 4 mo along. The skin tone will be somewhere between the both of your tones - possibly really light or really dark. As for the color of the eyes, there's an easy method to know the chances of blue eyes. Blue eyes are a "recessive" trait, as brown eyes are a "dominant" trait. If you took a basic biology course, they may have taught you something called the "Punnett Square". Basically, its a easy chart method of figuring out the chance of a recessive trait winning out over a dominant trait. Simply put, your child has a 1 in 4 chance of having blue eyes. (I'm in the same boat - my husband has the most beautiful blue eyes - I have brown). Either way, I'm sure the baby will be beautiful!


Chey - April 18

I am mixed my mom is hispanic and native american...and my dad is all black...and i am light skinnded, with black features...i have a newborn baby girl and she is mixed...her daddy is black and i'm black,hispainc,native american. and my daughter has light skin..but you can really tell she is mixed with black. and like Liz said mixed people are some of the beautiful. your baby will beatiful trust me, she will have pretty hair and pretty skin.


Mean - April 18

You people with the derrogatory comments are just MEAN! It is common for a pregnant mom to wonder what her child will look like. It goes without saying that a mother wants a healthy baby. If you don't like a post, you don't have to comment. But polka dot comments and checkered are just plain mean. I'm sorry you had to read such mean posts Kris. Enjoy your pregnancy and best wishes for a healthy and beautiful baby!


kris - April 18

to mean: thnx a lot. True that. It was a question and if you didnt like it... then dont answer it... :) but for those who did thnx a bunch!!!


Glum - April 18

The checkerd thing wasn't meant to be offensive, just a lighthearted joke. The black and white polka dot thing didn't make and d__n sense and was an attempt to be funny without actually succeeding. Polka dot person, you have a c___p sense of humor. CROSS EYED, if your brother's kids are as ugly as you, I hope they didn't inherit your personality as well, because that really would be a crime.


toes - April 18

glum, thank you for seeing my post the way it was intended. I'm on here for the same reason everyone else is, because I have concerns regarding the baby that is going to come into my life. I'd never add to those concerns with misinformation which I' ve seen rampant thoughout many threads, none of which seem to get deleted but only commented upon. Kris, I already apologized to you tho I can see you got a chuckle out of it which is great. Everyone else, the response was directed at Kris so if you got your panties in a twist comment on it, ignore it, I don't really care, but explain the rationle between taking my post out and leaving Crosseyed's in?


Glum - April 18

You're welcome Toes. Couldn't agree more about CROSS EYED.


Hmm - April 18

Its simple toes what he said is likely what u said isnt.


Corinthian to Hmmm - April 19

Can you rephrase that please, cos you're not making any sense. Thanks.


Corinthian to Hmmm again - April 19

Try using some punctuation marks, or haven't they taught you those at school yet. What grade are you in?


JM - April 19

I have a couple that is mixed and she is very light and he is dark and their daughter has blond hair and blue eyes. I guess you never can tell?



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