Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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JM - April 19

I have a couple that is mixed and she is very light and he is dark and their daughter has blond hair and blue eyes. I guess you never can tell?


Jamie - April 19

I went to high school with a guy who was mixed - he had black-black skin, and these KILLER bright blue eyes, and a dazzling, toothpaste-white smile...*sighs* yes, I had a teensy-tiny crush on him...lol


yu - April 22

I'm wondering about the same thing. I'm east asian, my DH is from east european jewish background. i have long straight black hair, dark brown eyes; he's got hazel eyes and very dark hair. I wonder what our baby will look like?


To Corinthian - April 22

What's with the 'teacher' att_tude? Can't you figure it out by using some knowledge I a__sume you have? Like in some IQ tests..."By filling in the proper punctuation marks,how can you turn these phrases into sentences that make complete thoughts...?" lol.


2 oldfashion - April 23

shut the hell up..as long as the parents teach their children about where they came from, it is ok. Just b/c u are confused, dont mean every1 else is.


Amanda R - April 23

Im white and my bf is mexican but looks black.as far as the comment on the baby being confused,thats not even right.i believe that if u r straight forward w/the child and tell them about both heritages then its fine.nothing wrong w/biracial children.


ni ni - April 23

i have a friend who is a white woman with blu eyes and her boyfriend is black with brown eyes and their baby is tanned with big bright bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair and you can tell that she is mixed


christina - May 1

I am the same as you. I am fair, baby's father is dark, My daughter is 10 mos. She is very light, and she has light brown eyes. She is starting to get darker now though, her legs are the darkest part on her!


??? - May 2

anyone ever heard of Miscegenation or Genocide?


LI - May 2

Not all blondes are hot(for sure!!!) and not all bi racial people are beautiful. Who the hell cares. Pray for good health and awesome intelligence.


Tehprogamer - May 3

usually babies that have parents coming from different races (caucasian, hispanic, black) come out beautiful/handsome, there is this study that the gene pool used by a baby becomes more and more limited if parents always belong to the same and same race... this way the good genes from your bloodline and his will be mixed for this baby... i just watched and saw this on discovery channel but im no doctor or expert, try asking and researching for more...


does it really matter - May 3

I understand that you might tend to wonder the color and features of your child ( but does it really matter) I've read post like ( Morena and some other females and totally agree with them). Not all mixed kids are cute ( OJ simpson's children and many more.) Ya'll say it like it's some type of fad to be mixed. Pray for good health and wonder about how healthy you child will be. The baby hasn't even come out from the womb yet and your more focused about looks than health. This to me is childish. It shouldn't matter if the baby is white as milk, black as night, with thick curly hair or baby fine hair. As long as they are normal with ten toes and ten fingers two arms and two legs. Please with all this black, white, spanish, thing. puerto rican if you research their past are also black.


edot - May 3

HI, I am hispanic and so is my husband but I am very fair skinned with green eyes and my husband is very dark with brown eyes. our first child has fair skin and green eyes our second has fair skin and blue eyes (my grandmother has blue eyes) Its pretty complicated when you get into recesive genes and things like that. It depends on if your husband has any one with light eyes in his family. Lets say he does not. Since you have blue eyes your child has a 25% chance of having light eyes and you pa__s on the recesive gene to him/her. If your husband does have light eyes in has family then your child has a better chance of getting light eyes because your husband also carrys the recesive gene. Hope this helps..... Good luck mixed babies are so cute!!!!!


Lissi - May 3

What's wrong with wondering what your baby will look like? It's completely normal to wonder. We all do it. Kris didn't say she was wondering if her baby would be a super model, she's just curious like the rest of us.


Robin - May 3

That's part of the fun of haing a mixed baby...you never know what genes are going to pop up. Both my husband and myself are multi-racial. I am fair and he is tan. We both have medium brown eyes. Our first child was born with bright blue eyes (they aregreen now).Our second child has dark brown eyes. One child has coloring exactly like a peach. The other looks like cream. By the way...my children were born looking CAUCASIAN. They did not look "mixed" until after about 18 mos..now they look really ITALIAN..anywhooo...good luck on your baby and raise it to be proud of BOTH SIDES!!!!


wtf - May 4

might come out ugly just becaz it will be mixed doesnt mean it will be beautiful~



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