Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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to N M - June 10

Kinda hard not to respond when this ridiculous thread has been going on since the start of April. It always gets bumped up to the top and it's stupid. How are we supposed to know what her mixed baby will look like? Maybe she should start a new thread cause this one is worn out!


N.M. - June 10

Who are you to say its stupid, you start a new thread if its really that big of a deal to you.


Lissi - June 10

She was only wondering what her baby might look like, same as the rest of us do. It's only because the child is mixed race that it has become such an issue. I didn't see anyone complaining about the person with red hair who wanted to know what her child would look like. Lots of people have posted threads like this. If you read back a little bit, you'll notice that Kris has posted to say she's had her baby now anyway. It's not her fault if this thread keeps returning, and you're bringing it to everyone's attention again by complaining about it.


to lissie - June 10

why don't u stop complaining. You must not have read the red hair thread completley. Are we really supposed to know what her baby will look like.....quit whining.....


Lissi - June 10

I'm not complaining. You are. If a thread keeps coming up that bore's me to death, like Brittney's Pregnant, Am I Pregnant? or Pre- Cum, I just don't read it. Maybe you should do the same.


D - June 10

It possible that you child could be light or meduim skinned. your child may have brown eyes, green eyes or blue eyes. And also hair color could vary. No matter what color she may be. She's going to beatiful. My Grandmothers parent were mixed and she has curly hair and meduim. Skill however her daughter my mother has blonde hair and light brown eyes. And my sister has blonde hair and light blue eyes. So anything could happened. I'm sue she;ll be very lovely.


Jay - June 10

well alot of times the baby will have brown eyes and brown hair, my son is 9 yrs now i am very fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes, his father his brown skin but not to dark and our child came to be light at first and then became to get darker now he looks straight hispanic. I thought he was gonna be light with blondish brown hair but I guess his fathers genes took over.


Kandi - June 10

Hi. I have two bi-racial children. I am not w/my sons father anymore and have married and just recently had a little girl. I am very pale with red hair and blue eyes, my sons father is very dark. My son has straight hair, brown eyes, and the color of a puerto rican, many people say he doesnt look half black but spanish. My husband and daughters father is half spanish, half black. She is now 2 mos old and looks white. Her eyes are blue and her hair strawberry blonde like mine and her complexion milky like mine..so really there is no telling or predicting the color of your baby...i wish i had your email, I would show you pics. =) dont worry your baby will be beautiful. both of mine are.


candace - June 10

my mom is also white and my dad is dark as well. i came out fine and every one i meet says i have a beautiful skin tone.so dont be worried.


N.M. - June 10

Well I have natural red hair and very fair skin with freckles and my bf is very dark so I am extremely curious about what mine will look like. I would like to say congrats to kris I am sure your baby is beautiful, now its all of our turn to wonder.


marinewife - June 13

To all the people being ugly on here you dont have to read these posts if you dont want to. Every mommy to be wonders what their baby will look like. Me personally I just hope my baby girl comes out healthy and with all her parts in the right places. But I do wonder who she will take after me or her Dad. So if you can't say something nice dont say ANYTHING!


jilon - June 13

I have a mixed baby. He is almost 9 months now. He is very light skinned. Ive heard it all depends on how strong your genes are. I guess my genes are strong. My son has half straight, half curly hair, and has a "black nose"... Youve got a 50/50 chance of your baby having other than brown. its been known to happen. My boy has brown eyes but they are lighter than his and darker than mine. (ive got brown too) ***but when he was born his eyes looked blue, and he looked asian. but i think that mixed babies are the most beautiful....


Sabrina - June 14

My boyfriend and i are also a mixed couple i am exstremly fair with blonde hair and blue eyes he is dark with black hair and brown eyes...we had our baby in oct'04 and he was just as light as me with slate eyes.....and a little bit of blonde hair on top of his head... now he is 8 months old with my blue eyes and reallly curly golden blonde hair....he looks like a white baby with a nice golden tan...but he has his fathers face nose and all ....but who knows maybe our next baby will be darker with brown eyes


Tommi - June 14

I am a seventeen year old male, and my mother is white with deep blue eyes, and my father is black with brown eyes. My father has somewhat light skin for a black man, but i still have dark eyes. I was born with deep blue eyes, and eventually my eyes became green/brown. At first gance most people think my eyes are brown, but when looked at closely my eyes look dark green with brown around the pupil. From my research I would say that there is a slim chance that your child will have blue eyes, but most mixed people i know have a brown/green mixture. I hope i have been of help.


Saab Lofton - June 15

What SHOULD have happened is Wesley Snipes or someone like him should've been cast as "Reese" in the Terminator movies so that the world could've seen a dark man impregnating Linda Hamilton with THE CHOSEN ONE destined to save the future. Mixed marriages/children should be looked upon in a positive/heroic light, 'cause we are NOT turning back the clock all so that some viewer of FOX News can feel more comfortable. Jim Crow is dead and his a__s is staying dead, period! Tell your family to do some research on child poverty worldwide--if they've got the slightest bit of sense, they'll realize that their ONLY priority should be how healthy the child is and not whether it can pa__s for black or white. Want something to worry about? Worry about that college tuition! Live long and prosper, saablofton.com


Lola. - June 15

My mother is white, with blue eyes. My father is very dark polynesian(maori) with deep brown eyes. I have green, hazel eyes, my eyes stayed blue for a couple of years though, everyone thought they would stay that way :(



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