Mixed Hpt Results Am I Pregnant Anymore

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cassie - October 9

Well, i posted my pics of hpt's and had many people tell me i was preg because the pos line was there..well wednesday morn i got a pos and wed night i got another pos, thursday morn a slight faint pos, then friday morn and today were negatives, the only hope i have is that the tests weren't working right because i cut them in half so i could use the one test twice....the control line was really light and took a while for the control line to even show up...however, my urine this mornin was very yellow (Tmi, sorry) which means it is concentrated, so the line should be there unless the test is defected...i have an appt on tue, gonna see if i can get it to mon after my classes....what do you all think is going on? i don't have any bleeding, the last time i bled was sep 25th with one day of spotting before and after, i just hope that the bleeding then wasn't a miscarriage and the test is just picking up hcg levels from then, but i don't know how that would work because i tested on the 23rd and it was neg as well....i'm sorry to blab but i'm a little depressed...someone please tell me what you think is going on??? thanks


La__sie - October 9

Do you have OCD that you keep testing every d__n day?


ca__sie - October 9

excuse me--are you a b___h? however many times i test is my priority--i have medical conditions that put me at a higher risk for problems with pregnancy---i am testing to make sure that the levels of hcg are still there---that is why i posted this to see what other's thought about the mixed results--obviously you are just a dumb a__s immature b___h--i don't need your help!


Viv - October 9

Ca__sie, I use my throw away vacuum bags several times, so I know where you are coming from on the cut them in half piece. Let's hope that the original positive is the true story, but I do think you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of this being one of those "chemical pregnancy" deals - barely got started and changed its mind. If that's the case it's a blessing in disguise, because the rejection means something was not right. You probably should be delaying the doctor appointment, not advancing it.


ca__sie - October 9

viv-but wouldn't i be bleeding if it was one of those? i don't have any signs of bleeding!?!? and i still have some pregnancy symptoms?


Viv - October 9

I was focusing on what appear to be declining hCG levels, based on your test reaults, without being able to explain the lack of bleeding. We're going to have to wait for the doctor's opinion, and even that may be less than definitive. For what it is worth, I have seen tables of daily hCG wavering before taking off strongly, and we periodically see posts from folks who have not had a positive test for 8 weeks.. I wish you the very best! Please come back and tell us the outcome on this thread. Every little story helps.


ca__sie - October 9

viv--thanks for the help-- i also had a friend who is my age that took first response early result and it was one of the last one's to turn out positive and it is supposed to detect the pregnancy hormone first! the digitals worked better for her--i am going to go and get a different brand and test with first morning urine again! and then wait until the doc appointment---i just don't think that i had three fals positives/ do you? i am worried though!!! thanks


La__sie say sorry - October 9

sorry - you are right. what i saidis not nice.


angel_one - October 9

ca__sie i hav a similar thing happen to be in june, i got like 3 faint postive tests when i was about 7-8 weeks pg, then within a matter of 2 days after last test (tested over a period of 1.5 week) i had some light spotting, so i decided to test again , and well it was negative so of to the doc i went and he took blood and it came back neg, too. i was told that i had lost the baby! go see your doc and see what he says, it may be just a c___ppy test, concidering you havent started bleeding yet! how late is your period?


ca__sie - October 10

well that's the thing- i have no idea how late i am...i bled on sep 25th with spotting one day before and after--if i got pregnant before that, then i'd be around 6 weeks, but if i ovulated RIGHT after that bleeding and concieved then, then i wouldn't be so far along, so i do'nt know if that was my period or what with only one day of bleeding??? i hope the doc can figure out what is going on?? did u have symptoms of pregnancy though??


angel_one - October 10

oh yeah, i know when im pg! i spend the week around implantation with mre than normal cramping af cramping i can handle and dont normally notice but with pg cramping i feel and notice!! thats usually my first sign



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