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terinae - August 10

Is there anyone that is out there who wants to be a model, or who is a model but know is pregnant, or have a child. How are you going about model now if so? Please give advice.


leslie - August 10

I used to do modeling before getting pregnant, I am now 32 weeks. I didn't think about modeling while pregnant 'cause it took forever to get a belly :) now I am growing every week! I am going to have some proffesional preganncy pix done next week. but they are going to be for me, then the photographer said he will let the agencies know about me in case they need a pregnant model :) After I have the baby I don't know how my body is going to look like, I don't have strech marks yet, but am sure I am getting them so If I get them very bad I doubt that I am going to model again..and then I don't know if my belly will ever be what it used to.. What about you are you a model or planning to be a prengant model?


terinae - August 10

to lesile, well I want to model very bad, I don't believe that God gave me this look, and this body, and my tallness for nothing, and I just love tyra banks and all them, I would love to model, I am just scared that no one will even look at me. But I have to keep the faith, and i think it will just be more you know well thanks and what type of modeling did you do or who did you do it for.


leslie - August 10

first I wanted to be run-way model but I was too short 5'7 and you have to be at least 5'9, so then I went to print modeling that is for magazines. I did some swimsuit modeling and also comercials and when it was starting to get good I got pregnant :( i mean I don't regret been pregnant but I was starting to do a bunch of stuff, now I don't know if I am going to be able to do it after the baby..I think is kind of impossible getting my pre-pregnancy body back..we'll see..Where do you live? is there a lot of modeing agencies in your area?


terinae - August 11

I live in phildelphia, and not really just alot of places to take photos, I mean I think it is possible to get your shape back my aunt had 4 kids and she is in great shape it is just the strecth marks that is all. she looks like she is only 30 and she is 40, i mean I am just more concerned about the strecth marks. and then i have this thing on my lip also, but I will probably get plastic surgery or something on that. But are you goingt o even try to ever being one again, and how old are you,


leslie - August 11

I just turned 20. I started when I was 17 I was in colorado and b/c of modeling I moved to Miami..its so much better here..more oportunities.. After the baby I do plan on having my pre-pregnancy body back, not just becuase of modeling but for me..then after that I will see what happens.Modeling industry is a very shetty one. there is so many companies out there waiting to rip you off, you can't just trust anyone..I had a hard time at the beggining..don't belive them everything they tell you.. so are you pregnant? how far along are you?


s - August 11

yeah I want to be a model......hmmm....I wonder if Chic-fil-A is hiring know the "eat mor chikin" cows? lol....



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