Mom For The Day

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MelissaP - January 28

Man oh man.....I had my husband's kids over for the weekend(he works out of state) and yesterday turned out to be one h__l of a day. I was planning on having a birthday party for the little one when she woke up with a fever and complaining that her back hurt. So I thought,mmmmm bladder infection? I called their mother and she was out of town at school(not answering the phone )..then I called her stepfather to see what clinic they take her to(he was busy with work). I rush to get ready, then carry a 45lb 4 year old to the car to take to the clinic(my arm is soooo sore and we sit and wait. Meanwhile, grandma is getting the cake and pizza. After finally getting out of the clinic after two hours or so(I felt like a retard because I didn't know if the kid has ever had a physical,nothing about shots,etc,but couldn't get ahold of their mother)'s off to the pharmacy to drop off the prescriptions. I get home, put the little one on the couch and start cleaning for the party.(she still wants it to my concern). I give her some motrin, then she sleeps. Grandma gets back and I have to rush the brother to a basketball game, go pick up the medicine(which wasn't ready and resulted in a later trip) and get back in time to pick him up. Get home...little one is feeling better and wants to dress up.Then I vacuum the floor and put the food out. People show up...we have the party...then it 's time to clean and send the kiddies home. I call hubby at the end of the day and tell him I am completely exhausted!! He laughs and tells me it's practice (we have no kids of our own) and asks if I still want to have children. Of course I do!! I give all you mothers out there kudos for raising children! It is definitely NOT an easy task.....LOL.


sahmof3 - January 29

Sounds like my everyday (I have 3 kids... 6 1/2 (boy), 3 (girl) and 18 months (boy)). LOL. When they are your own you get to slowly ease into the craziness, though, as they grow older :-)


MelissaP - January 29

Good luck to you sahmof3! I realized after all the craziness, I had this feeling of completeness and fulfillment and was proud of my days achievments. I look forward to children in the future..maybe not three..LOL....maybe two? =P...Take care!



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