Mom In The Delivery Room

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pgbell - February 21

I am not pregnant yet, but the only person i want with me in the delivery room is my husband. my mom thinks she should be in there with me too. she is throwing a fit. i just don't think she should have to be in there. maybe i'll change my mind when i get pregnant. am i being selfish not letting her in there? what do you think? need advise


SaraH - February 21

Nope. It is your call and your call alone who you want to be with you. It is no ones place (except maybe the fathers) to demand that they be allowed in there. I understand that ppl just want to share in the event, but it is you the mothers choice. The more ppl you have in there the more distraction, noise ect you're going to have going on, which if you have a natural or low drug birth can make it much harder to focus and get through it. Even if you have drugs and are pretty comfortable though, it's still your call. You are going to be in a position where you need to feel comfortable and safe in the environment. The ppl who you choose to be in the room with you should be only ppl who you want there and who will make you feel more "comfortable" and at ease. This is a time for you, the father, and the baby to share --alone if you want to. So, no you are not being unreasonable. It is your choice and your mother has no right to throw a fit about it. It is okay to ask to be there, but it is never okay to demand it. Good luck.


pgbell - February 22

thanks for the advise. i feel the same way. i do plan on having a natural childbirth and think it would be harder with a lot of people in there with me. all i need is my husband.


mamaof3 - February 22

Gosh I had the same problem with my crazy MIL when I was preggo with my first. I had a long talk with my husband and explained to him how important it this time was and I really only wanted to experience it with him, in turn he had a long conversation with his mother about how we felt and she eventually understood. Hopefully your mother understand too.



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