Montel Show Vacinating Children

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carmen - October 4

i was watching on montel williams show people who vaccinated their children and the developed autism as a result of the mucury in the vaccines...the amount of mucury is aparently too much for chidrens bodys to motabalize....does any body know how to prevent this or whether its illegal to not vaccinate my child till they are older


RH - October 4

All this is a little alusive. There has been no conclusive evidence and remember, the Montel show is a talk show and is media. I think the benefits of vaccine outweigh the small risk to the child. It has not been proven what causes autism. I know a lot about this because my brother has it.


A - October 4

The benefits definitely outweigh the risks. One thing I wish people would remember is that, were it not for these vaccines, we would still have outbreaks of things like polio, mumps, measles, etc. If we all decide to stop vaccinating, these outbreaks will have no reason not to occur.


CJ - October 5

It's not illegal, but when they get in to daycare or kindergarten, they'll need to be. I don't know of anywhere that will enroll un-vaccinated kids. Do continue to research this issue though.


me - October 5

I think vaccinations are evolving, so there are probably some with less mercury now. I do know of people not vaccinating their kids. Keep looking in to it. Be informed.


N - October 5

They do not make infant vaccines with thimerosal anymore (which is what contains mercury) in Canada, and I'm pretty sure they don't use it in the states anymore either. You always have the right to ask the clinic about what brand they use when you book the appointment for immunizations, and even ask for the mercury free alternatives if you need to (if they still use the old kind). There are some risks to vaccinating (like allergy) but you should discuss this with your childs doctor beforehand so you can be fully informed on what to expect and what to do. Please don't listen to Montel, he's not a doctor.. he makes his money off scaring people.. it reminds me of a show Oprah did years ago on the 'dangers of bagels'. The risks are very very small and shows like that just exaggerate it. If you want to wait, that is your choice, but they will most likely need them at some point or another.


Hi - October 5

I wouldn't worry too much about the montel show, its t.v.-however, I agree with these ladies. It is sooo important for your children to recieve these vaccinations. We had made so many diseases diminish that would have killed many children had we not used them. Remember, "ring around the roses" isn't just about a childhood game-it's about the plague!!!!


TruckinFool - October 5

Dangers of Bagels? Makes me hungry...and by the way, small needle and alittle pain, maybe alittle fever OR a debilitating and/or deadly disease. I side on vaccinating the kid.


karine - October 5

Vaccines are A MUST to get your kids in school, other wise health board get involed. EXample....LOL my 15yrs old sister changed school and they wanted proof of her vaccines. my mom coudnt find it, and she wasnt aloud in until she took a week before she was a ble to reach her old Dr. that gave it and get the proof. I know in my area they are pretty stricked.iam in canada


Tera - October 6

In every state, parents with religious objections to immunization may apply for an exemption for their child or children from the state's immunization requirements for school entry. All states offer medical exemptions (individuals who are immunocompromised, have allergic reactions to vaccine const_tuents, have moderate or severe illness, etc.). Religious exemptions are allowed in 48 states (West Virginia and Mississippi do not), and 15 states offer philosophical exemptions. The requirements for doc_mentation of medical, religious, or philosophical exemptions vary. In some states, parents with philosophical exemptions may apply for an exemption for their child or children from the state's immunization requirements for school entry. This is also true in Canada you can object to immunization for medical, religious, or philosphical reasons there, it is not a "must". Vaccine exemption forms can be obtained from your local health department. Ask for form #2. This needs to be filled out, and notarized and given to your child's school. A few provinces have legislation requiring immunization before entering schools Find out what the laws of your state/province are. You should also do more research than just what you hear on the Montel Williams show, however it is a good start in getting more people aware of the potential dangers of vaccines.


kr - October 6

Watching anything during pregnancy can be frightening. I live in a county if Oregon where autism has the highest rates. Montel might be quick to conclude that living in Oregon puts you at more risk, but in actuality parents with children with autism come to Oregon for its autism programs .Because of the awareness in this state more children are diagnosed earlier. I've taken cla__ses at the university about autism and there is no conclusion that vaccinations are the cause. What happens is that children get many vaccinations around 2 and 3. This is also the time that autistic traits can be identified in a child. This time correlation is what made some people think autism was caused by shots. Just a few years ago some people thought autism was caused by a parents lack of interest. In a few more years there may be new ideas. It's obvious you are doing your research. Keep it up! Decide what the benefits are for yourself. There is always the option of religious exemption. My mother opted for it for 1 of her 3 children. I was the the one who did not get my shots. As an adult I have opted to get a few. I liked being able to make the decision as an adult. I don't know what I will do with my own children. It can be a tough decision. good luck, and talk with your doctor


CURIOUS - October 6

N- what was so dangerous about bagels? Never saw Oprah, that day!


Somebody from Canada - October 6

Where I live my child has not been vacinated and he is in kindergarden. .I live in a small town and they never asked me and I never told them either. My dr know the info to.



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