More Hair Growth Boy

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Sonya - March 30

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on if they had more hair growth(like on your legs) when pregnant with a boy. When I was prengnat with my son, I had to shave much more often than before and my best friend was having a girl and she rarely had to shave. Just curious.


not admitting my - March 30

Thats very interesting. Id like to know if there is any medical reasoning behind that. I didnt really put two and two together, but with my daughter I didn't notice anything. With this pregnancy I have noticed and increase in shaving and (i know this is gross) but I have a noticably thicker hair on my belly too. Like when I shower I can see it. Blech!.lol We are hoping for a boy....maybe this is a sign!!! lol


amanda.d - March 30

I noticed when i was pregnant with my son i noticed that my belly got hairy and after i had him it went away.With my daughters that didn't happen.I think it must have something to do with the testosterone.Just a thought.


Mellissa - March 30

I don't know what my baby is yet, but I have this very very dark belly hair that was never there before, but the hair on my head is kinda falling out! Not in big chunks or anything, just a couple strands after I get out of the I'm losing hair on the top, but growing hair like crazy on my stomach? is that a boy or girl? lol


Petra - March 30

My best friend had the same thing. She had major hairgrowth when pregnant with both her sons. When she was expecting her daughter she did not. But she did have those freckles or pigment in her face. I had two boys and yes, I had a lot of hair on my belly. After a few months those hairs disappered... I believe this myth to be true..


Sonya - March 30

Wow, maybe it is true. I too a__summed it was because of more testosterone in my system with my son. I am 12 weeks pregnant now but I think it is too early to notice yet. I have heard of loosing hair (on the head) when pregnant and that it is very common and just a hormone thing. What fun!!!


monica - March 30

I noticed that my hair on my head has gotten thicker. And I am having a boy. I have read that if your hair gets thin your having a girl.


Mellissa - March 30

Well my husband wants a boy, so I'm sure it will make him excited to hear that other women on this site had belly hair like mine when they had


..... - March 30

lol, my bf sometimes bursts into the bathroom while im showering and admires my belly.....but lately, I am not so sure i want him to see the line of black hair running from under my b___sts to my pubic bone...i had never heard of such a glad im not alone.



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