More Than 2 Kids

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noellis - February 6

If you have more than one child, how long did it take you to concieve each one?


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

my first it took me 3 years and with my 2nd we started trying 6 weeks after our first and after i stopped b___stfeeding less than a month I would say than I concieved.


tryin44 - February 6

I have three kids. My first I got pregnant second month aftere BC. The second was unexpected and happened when my first was 5 months old. The third I got preg first month off BC had a MC got pregnant three months later but it was a tubal. I was supposed to wait to weeks before having s_x (and did) but two weeksd to the day that we had s_x I got a BPF and had a healthy girl. We are trying for our fourth and it has been three months. Hopefully this will be our lucky month which in the past has not been so lucky. It was the month in 05 that I had a tubal. I will be testing around the 24th. Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 6

I have 3 kids, but have had 4 pregnancies (my first was a m/c). My first was a failed condom baby (TMI!!). We waited 2 periods (which was 5 months) to ttc again and when we did we got pregnant the first month! When we decided to ttc baby #2 it took 21 months, a diagnosis of PCOS and Clomid (fertility drug) to get pregnant. When #2 was 8 months old we decided to ttc again. Since it taken so long before PLUS I was still b___stfeeding I thought it would take a long time, but we got pregnant that first month.


iemc19 - February 7

I have 3 , currently preg with no.4...The 1st two we fell preg as soon as the pack of contraception hit the bin...Between 2 and 3 we had a m/c, also conceived straight away...and fell preg after one af following that...Went for no4 and were amazed when it took us 4 months to conceive - unfortunately it ended in m/c but again we conceived again after one af...and due in 6 weeks....


momma3tobe - February 7

I got pregnant with number one on BC three months after getting married. Got pregnant with number two 4 weeks after giving birth to number one and got pregnant with number 3 one month after getting my IUD removed.


Miloswife01 - February 7

My daughter turned 11 months on February 4th. I am 6 weeks pregnant right now. I was only on BC for one month when my daughter was born hubby and I knew we wanted our kids around 18 months apart and we tried to get pregnant when DD was 7 months and nothing but when we were truely trying for the one I am pregnant with I kept taking ovulation tests until and we tried for a week straight and now here I am!


Renea - February 8

I have 4 kids. With the first 3, within the first month of ttc we got preggo. With the last one, it took almost 4 mths. of ttc to finally get preggo. All of my kids are 2 years, 4 months , and a few days apart.



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