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Jen - October 5

Has anyone taken this pill? About two weeks and a half after my period I had s_x and the condom broke. Anyways I went to the docters and got the morning after pills. I took the first one, and instead of taking the second one 12 hours later, I overslept and took the pill two hours late. Are there any chances of me getting pregnant? Oh, and a few days later I got sick-I have a flu. What do you think?


Viv - October 5

The standard answer on the morning after pill is 75% effective, but I have seen a figure over 85% quoted, too. I don't think the 2 hour slippage would make that much difference. So yes, there's a chance, but you did everything you could. Your accident was at the very tail end of the fertile window for a 28 day cycle.


Jen - October 5

Thanks Viv. Hopefully everything turns out for the better-whatever that may be.


- October 5

You definately still could be preg, and not to scare you, but it can also cause a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy.


E - October 5

I would like to applaude you for being responsible and taking the pill to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. These boards can be very scary at times, with many of the stories being downright disgusting. Good luck:)


Erin - October 6

Hi there, I think you should be fine, the 2 hour difference shouldn't matter. I definitely think your chances of being pregnant are slim-to-none, but if you were, taking the pill wouldn't hurt your baby either. Basically it works if you aren't already pregnant, which I doubt you are since you took the pill starting the next day. Good luck and keep us posted! I also agree that you did exactly the right thing- getting the pill right away, and wearing condoms in the first place :)


Jen - October 6

Thanks everyone for your reply and support. I'm going to the doctors today but for something else--to get my TB shot so I can start teaching preschool--so I'll ask my doctor what she thinks. I know I'm not ready for kids right now so hopefully I'm ok. But whatever happens, happens--I did everything I could so I'll just leave it to God's hands. Thanks everyone--I'll keep you posted :)


Jen - October 7

Okay ladies--here is another question: I am spotting today -very light bleeding not enough to ware a tampon--and it has only been three weeks since my period. Does the morning after pill have any effect on my cycle, and should I be worried?


Erin - October 7

I got my period early also when I took the morning after pill. The morning after pill is basically a very large dose of regular BCP. So, that said, there are all these hormones in your body that weren't there before, and it can definitely mess with your cycle. Hope that helps.


Jen - October 7

Thank you so much Erin--that was a big help. I was beginning to worry because I didnt get to talk to my doctor yesterday. So your advice is very helpful. Thanks again for replying so quickly.


k - October 7

I don't know much about the pill. I'm not sure if it's legal where I am. However, if the pill doesn't prevent the pregnancy, whatever you do, please do not have an abortion.


Jen - October 7

Oh dont worry--if after everything I did I still somehow end up pregnant I would take it as a sign that I was meant to have this baby-don't you think?


k - October 8

Jen, you are a wise woman. It warms my heart to hear you say that! So many girls/women come on this site and talk about abortion, it just makes me sick! Best of luck!


Erin - October 8

I agree Jen, it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders. Best of luck to you!


Jen - October 8

Thanks Erin and K! You guys are so kind. I wish you guys the best !



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