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startingtowonder - November 7

I took the morning after pill (Next Choice) about 36 hours after my boyfriend accidentally didn't withdrawal in time....I wasn't worried about it at all and assumed I would be fine since I took it well within the 72 hour window, but I had some pretty bad side effects so that got me doing a little research online. I found some stuff out that is making me really nervous..... First....all the info I've found is that plan b type pills work mainly by PREVENTING ovulation. What happens if you've recently ovulated at the same time as the unprotected encounter and then take the pill 36 hours later? If the egg was already fertilized will the morning after pill not be effective?? I realize now that the night our "incident" happened was exactly when I was most fertile (according to several ovulation calculators) and my periods are almost always regular at 26-27 days. Anyway, I am just really nervous now and was wondering if anyone has any additional information for me. I'm worried that the pill will be useless for me with the timing of unprotected s_x right before ovulation. If I already ovulated before the pills kicked in, will it still protect from pregnancy? Please help!


startingtowonder - November 7

Just to be more specific in case it last period started on Oct 20th, and we had our mishap in the morning on Nov. 3rd. I took the first pill 36 hours later before bed on the 4th, and the second pill 15 hours later on the 5th. Will it make it less effective by taking the second pill 15 hours after the first, rather than right at the recommended 12? Thank you in advance for your input/help....


Grandpa Viv - November 8

With luck you ovulated Nov 1st and the egg was no longer viable. Anyhow, PlanB also is thought to work by making the uterus unreceptive. Keep your fingers crossed and test the weekend after your period is due. The PlanB may delay menstruation and give some early signs of pregnancy. Withdrawal is not considered a method of contraception - too many slips are possible. At least stay away from your fertile window, and preferably use a condom as well. GL!


startingtowonder - November 9

Thank you for the input, I really appreciate it. We don't usually rely on withdrawal but it was one of those heat of the moment instances and we didn't have condoms available and weren't exactly thinking clearly. I'm actually not tolerant of hormonal birth control - the pills (even those with the lowest dose of estrogen), the ring, the patch, etc....they all make me violently sick and vomit for hours until it's out of my system. This is the reason behind only using condoms, and I guess I am also wondering if you know of any other options for me that would be more reliable? I know the depo shot is estrogen free, but I'm a little afraid to take that because I've read that even after only one dose of it it can take up to two years to start ovulating regularly again. I don't want to get pregnant right now, but I don't want to possibly limit myself with that as an option for the next two years. There are also estrogen free pills that you take daily, but I'm a little worried about the fact that they are so time sensitive.....three hours late once and they aren't effective anymore? Any thoughts here would be a great help! Suggestions? Thank you again!


Grandpa Viv - November 9

Hmm! Heat of the moment suggests that your libido was high, an indication of ovulation. You might investigate the copper IUD. Other than that, make sure you always have condoms available, and back them up with v____al spermicide during the fertile window cycle days 7 thru 16 of 27. Good luck with the test!


startingtowonder - November 9 libido was definitely high (which was the reason I didn't insist on having a condom, which is something I would normally never do....very stupid of me. sigh.) and thinking back I remember noticing a lot of extra clear discharge around that time, etc. Makes me nervous. I have one more BC question for you if you don't mind. You mentioned the copper IUD. Does it matter if I've never given birth before? My doctor told me that IUDs aren't recommended for women who haven't previously had children because the uterus hasn't stretched out and would be more likely to puncture with it in? She was very hesitant about being willing to place one for me. Just wondering if you know anything about this as a risk? Thank you SO much for your help!!! I will let you know how things turn out! I've been crampy off and on since I took the pills, but I'm guessing this is very normal. I should be starting period on monday or tuesday if it starts on time.


Grandpa Viv - November 9

Your doc is correct. You can research the risks on the Internet and make up your mind after considering the pros and cons. Condoms backed up by spermicide are very effective, but it may be too much of a ha__sle.


startingtowonder - November 12

I'm sorry for posting so many questions but I'm just so nervous about this. I started getting crampy and thought for SURE I was going to start my period early.....but no sign of it. Just cramps that feel like I should be on my period for about 3-4 days now, and this morning I noticed that my nipples are sore. They're very tender and I honestly never get this with my periods. I'm also so tired lately. Mentally and physically tired. I did start a new job recently so I'm telling myself this is just from a change of pace. Could the cramps, sore nipples, and exhaustion I've just started experiencing lately be effects from the pill even though I took it over a week ago? I know these are listed as side effects, but does that only mean within a few days of taking them or is it normal to feel them still? I can't help but think there's no way I could actually be pregnant....right?? I took the pills within the correct time frame so I've got to think it's just making my period weird. Waiting is so hard with something so big. Sigh.


Grandpa Viv - November 13

PlanB is only 75% effective. Your incident might have been at exactly the wrong moment. Your fatigue, weird cramps, and sensitive nips are showing up with typical timing. How about more peeing, lotion discharge, backache, emotions, dreams, appet_te, smells, stuffy nose, hot flashes, veins showing more on b___sts or flanks, acne, PMS signs absent or atypical. Test when your period is late or light, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Best of luck!


startingtowonder - November 13

I took a test today because I just couldn't resist. It was negative. Although....I was impatient and didn't wait for first morning pee, and technically today is only day 25 of my cycle. I'm usually 26-27 days. How accurate would this negative result be? I still have some cramps and my nipples are still tender and I'm still boyfriend actually commented last night that the pills must have thrown my hormones out of whack because I'm always getting hot lately when I'm usually always cold. No fever or anything. And still no sign of any bleeding/period. If my negative result was too early to be accurate - how long do I need to wait to test and get a "for sure" test result? I know you said earlier to wait until the weekend after my period is due to test....but that is so far away! Thank you so much for your help! This is so scary!


Grandpa Viv - November 13

Starting, don't be scared. Life sends trials to all of us. What is important is to learn how to handle them bravely. It is not at all unusual to get negative tests until your period is due, no matter what the package says. The hCG hormone the test looks for doubles every few days once it gets going, but it gets going much later in some than others. If you are testing negative when two weeks late on your period, it is time to start searching for other explanations.


startingtowonder - November 14

I THINK I started my period?! I'm confused. I was having cramps like I usually do (but they showed up about a week early). The past few days they were actually really strong and I felt like I should have been having a heavy period - but now that my period is actually supposed to be here (today)....the cramps are gone and I'm only having some brown discharge (my period?). No pink or red at all. My nipples are still sore, and I'm still tired. I guess my question is - Is it possible for plan b to make my period THIS light? It says you can have lighter periods than normal.....I don't even feel like I should be on my period today. I hope I never need plan b again, I think it's throwing everything off!


Grandpa Viv - November 14

Starting, run another test the week after the last. Your signs are all for pregnancy, but PlanB has fooled me on more than one occasion. GL!


startingtowonder - November 14

My cramps are back. It DEFINITELY feels just like my period but without the normal bleeding. Just brown spotting still, and now my lower stomach is starting to feel really tight/tired as if I've done a bunch of sit ups (which I am sure I have not been doing....) when I do certain movements. It isn't even enough spotting to need a panty liner - I mostly only noticed it because I used a tampon this morning before work because I was convinced I would start any minute. I also felt the tenderness in my nipples just from walking up some stairs today. They're getting super sensitive. I haven't mentioned my worries to my boyfriend yet, but I'm thinking I might do that now..... I don't want to stress him out unnecessarily but this is just not adding up. I know there's nothing else you can really tell me and I just need to wait it out now - but I really do appreciate your prompt responses! They have been very helpful to me. I'll let you know when I finally figure out what's going on with me!


startingtowonder - November 16

Can spotting for a few days be considered a period? I know plan b can make your periods lighter....but I'm really unsure about whether or not I can consider myself to be having my period for this month. I've been spotting a little bit the past 2.5 days - just enough to need a panty liner, but for work I'll use a tampon because I don't have restroom access and I'm afraid it will come on strong because of the cramps I've been having. When I remove it....theres some brown on it and maybe even little blood but that's all. The cramps are still here but not as bad, but the bleeding has not even come close to what a period flow is for me. My nipples have not changed are still sore. Is any bleeding around your period due date usually considered your period? Can I consider this to be my period?? I'm so tired of being's been almost 2 weeks since the cramps started kicking in :(


startingtowonder - November 17

Took a test this was positive. I'm pretty much in disbelief right now. I took plan b...I really didn't think this would happen. Anyway - just thought I'd let you know how things turned out since you offered so much advice for me. Thanks for your help.


lily4 - August 17

I had un protected three weeks ago i took the plan b pill tht same day but now iv been having cramping and spotting and sore b___st could i be pregnant can some one help me plzz?



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