Morning After Pill Question Please Help

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lily4 - August 17

I had un protected three weeks ago i took the plan b pill tht same day but now iv been having cramping and spotting and sore b___st could i be pregnant can some one help me plzz?


lily4 - August 17

Iment unprotected s_x


lily4 - August 17

I meant unprotected s_x


Grandpa Viv - August 17

I take it you are also late for a full-b__wn period? PlanB is only 75% effective. You may be having side effects from PlanB or you may be getting pregnant. Set your mind at ease by taking a home preg test Sunday morning first am pee, and repeat a week later if necessary. GL!


MrsSingh - August 20

morning pills also help prevent implantation. you could go for pregnancy blood tests or stuff like that if you want to confirm sooner. If all fails, go for abortion pills


hanbay - August 26

a friend of mine is worried sick..she's not on birth control pills cos her bf isnt around and when he came to visit,they had unprotected s_x but she took postinor on the 13th of july,then on the 18th of july ,they had s_x again with a condom but the condom broke,so she took escapelle cos she couldnt get postinor and she doesnt have regular period.then she had unprotected s_x on the 21st of july and her period is supposed to start between 6th and 9th of august buh no period,she had been having discharges,sometimes whitish clear,stretchy,other times,watery...she alsi took 3hpt,buh all turned out negative nd she got a bit relaxed,she got worried again when she had a bright red discharge which lasted for a few minute on the 22nd of august,she took an hpt the next day which turned out negative...shez been complaining that she feels her period is coming buh when she checks its a light dicharge sometimes watery like she peed on herself...shes very worried.could amyone help out please?


justgreat - August 30

I always use a condom and the one time I didnt with my bf I took the next choice pill within a day and a half.. 8 positive pee tests and 1 positive blood test later and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty darn preggers.


sukisam - July 15

did the pregnancy stick?! Not sure how long ago this post was - but going through it now because of plan b - though my tests have been negative thus far.



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