Morning After Pill - Scared I'm Pregnant

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limaquino - August 29

I took the morning after pill on July 24 and immediately got my period 5 days later. He didn't really come inside but I was so panicked I took the pill.

So after I got my period, we were relieved but still had sex without condoms. We use the pull out method. ALWAYS. But I'm worried it's the precum.

According to my usual cycle, my period was supposed to come on August 24 or 25 so on August 27 I took a test and it was negative.

Today, I had spotting. I don't know if this is because of the pill messing up my cycle or if I'm pregnant.

I'm also having PMS symptoms but I read that it could also be pregnancy symptoms. My breasts have been tender in the last 5 days too.

I live in Germany in a small town and it's really difficult to get an appointment here. I really want to know soon as it's killing me. It doesn't help that I have anxiety too!

Anyone got any advice? When can I take the next test?

Thank you!


Grandpa Viv - August 29

Lima, the morning after pill messes with your cycle, which is probably where you are right now.   Having frequent pull out sex is not smart. If you can get a morning after pill I'm sure you can get condoms and a home pregnancy test. You need both. 


Uncertain lady - October 21

Hi granpaviv!

ive a concern about ecp.

i took micropil provided by an ob. 

Coz ive an unsafe sex with my partner on my fertile days (14-15th day from the first day of my menstruation) thats why ive to run to my ob right away the following day. She gave me a micropil plus 3tab per day for 3days. Im on my 2nd day now. Im still bothered and stressed out coz ive been reading about morning after pill and the one she gave me isnt listed in those. And usually its 4tab 2x interval of 12hrs only not 24hrs.

please help me please. Super disturbed right now. I still dont want to be pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - October 21

You were right to go for emergency contraception and have to trust the obgyn knew what she was doing. Now you are in the two week wait. Run a home test when your period shows up late or light. 



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