Morning Noon And Night Sickness

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Babydoll - April 27

I was pregnant a few years ago (unforunately, I did not make it to my 3rd trimester) I was extremely sick....I threw up all day, alllll nite, couldnt eat or sleep....i lost weight, was extemely dehydrated, and couldnt even drink water....I was puking every 15 minutes....has anyone else experienced this? If did you alleviate it? We are trying to get pregnant now....and I am really afraid of the sickness....I don't want to be bed-ridden!!


jena - April 27

there is a great prescription anti-nausea drug that is safe during pregnancy and highly recommended by my doctor. i'd suggest that for you because it's not good for you or the baby to be dehydrated and losing weight. i forget what it is called, but i'm sure your doc would know about it (although didn't use it last time....). i'm so sorry! i hope you get preggo and feel okay!


Babydoll - April 27

thanks so much!!


Audrea - April 27

I have had the same problem. I was hospitalized twice in first trimester due to dehydration and eloctrolyte imbalance. I was given a med called Reglan the first time and ended up with Dystonia due to the side effects in can cause some people. My muscles stiffened up so much in my throat and face contorted horribly, I could barely breathe. Another med caused the same thing and they finally tried one last one called Zofran. Extremely expensive if no insurance,$25 a pill. It is given to chemo patients for their nausea and vomiting. I am now 16 weeks and finally got a break from all the vomiting. I lost over 10 pounds and have yet to gain any back and was thin to begin with. It usually gets better for most women.


Jenb - April 27

I vomited everything I ate and drank the whole nine months if I didnt take the pill that Jena mentioned before I ate. It was horrible before I got the medication. I was worried about taking it but my baby is beautiful and healthy. I am going to see if I can remember the name of it. I will let you know. Good Luck


Jenb - April 27

Metoclopramide was the name of the drug. I am not sure exactly how it works but it certainly helped.


April - April 27

I'd be scared of anti-nausea drugs... how long has that one been around?? my mom said when she had me there was one out.. and all the pregnant women were taking it.. doctors were recommending it.. and then some of the babies were being born with disfigurements like.. no arms! so they took it off the market... you have to be careful with drugs now days because even the FDA will pa__s things that haven't been tested like they should... as for help with the nausea.. my mom said that if you eat saltine crackers before you get out of bed in the morning that helps a LOT... i never got to try it though because I told her i was pregnant after my morning/noon/night sickness was already over with.


Jenb - April 29

April I have heard about that drug, it was called thalidomide. It had terrible effects on babies. The one that I took has no known effect but I was still scared to take it. I tried many times to stop taking it but I always vomited if I didn't take it. My doctor decided that the risk was bigger to deprive my baby of nourishment than to take the medication. If I had normal morning sickness that came and went the first trimester I would not have taken the meds. I worried about it the whole pregnancy but everything turned out fine. I don't know how long the medication has been around there is information about studies on it. I tried everything before I took it.


Babydoll - April 29

I don't like taking medicine....I'm more into natural remedies, I won't even take headache medicine. Last time I was preg tho, the doctor gave me a shot in the b___t and some supposotories that helped, has anyone had that, or heard of that.....I hope that it is safe. I might do that again....


nealynn - April 29

I also suffered from morning sickness all day long for weeks. I lost almost 20 pounds by week 14. None of the prescription meds worked so my doctor recommended that i take 25 mg of B6 3xs a day and 1 at bedtime and also to take half a sleeping pill 3xs a day and a whole one at bedtime. They are both over the counter and I cant remember what the sleeping pill is called but your doc. should know. This worked immediatly for me and I am now 18 weeks and nausea free. Talk to your doc this is as safe as it gets.


lil - April 29

I'm 11 weeks and i cant stop the vomiting i have lost 13 pounds and have yet to gain any back and was thin also to begin with like Audrea said, so now i look like a stick with a funny litle belly, what a creature


Audrea - April 29

The otc med nealynn is talking about is Unisom. It does work for some, but for me it didn't.



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