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KIrsten - October 26

HI. I have had nausea but no vomiting, I am 8 weeks pregnant and being monitored. Has anyone else not had morning sickness?


m - October 26

Yes. With both of my sons, and with both of my lost pregnancies, I was very nauseated, no vomiting. Well, with my first son, I had vomited maybe a handful of times, but only once with my second son and not at all with the ones I miscarried. Just super nauseated! It's a pain, I know. Also, most of my nausea was in the evening. So there's nothing predictable about "morning" sickness.


Kirsten - October 26

Thanks m. I have had 4 miscarriages and a stillbirth at 35 weeks. I know why, but it could have been prevented. I am super sensitive about this pregnancy even though it is going to be fine.


To kirsten - October 26

Would you share with us y u had 4 miscarriages (the cause) as it would be very interesting to read. I am totally having ver very bad morning sickeness cannot keep anything down, I just drink liquids all day, but about 6pm it is wen i can eat!


to kirsten - October 26

...also how many weeks was u wen u lost ur babies, i feel for u to lose a baby at 35 weeks, what bout the other's. Ive heard its happned to another woman her blood was attacking the fetus and would eventually kill it. It's so sad.


m - October 26

Kirsten, if it's not too personal or hard to talk about, I would also like to hear your story. I have recently suffered 2 miscarriages, so I read as much as I can about it. It helps me to hear real life stories, too. Sorry for your mc and your sb! I don't blame you for being sensitive and worried. You'll be fine!


m - October 26

Kirsten, after re-reading my post, I think I sound as if I am trying to make myself feel better through your grief. I am SOOOO not trying to do that. I apologize. I shouldn't have even asked you to tell your story. I apologize and I absolutely do not expect you to tell anything that will upset you. Being that I have had 2 losses recently, I should know better than to ask someone to talk about something so tragic. So sorry!


Kirsten - October 27

I don't mind telling at all. It is hard but I am over the worst. I found that it helped me when I decided that a miscarriage was a natural abortion, that our bodies know best. No reason has been found for the miscarriages. Sounds soppy but you HAVE to make yourself think positive things, even it its as stupid as its a nice day, anything. I have been quite bad the last 14 months as my sb was sept last year. However, since say august I have really noticed myself not being so scared, cause thats what I was, scared. I thought I was going to slip into the ground, fade away. I thought I had this illness, that illness, I was in shock. I can't stress how important it is to be positive about just something and not to resent in your head other women with their blessings, especially environments where babies aren't wanted or, well, I'm sure you know what I mean. I will gladly go into more detail, but a lot of people don't want to read it, so if you want to know just ask. I am very nervous about this pregnancy, but quietly confident and full of hope.


E - October 27

I never vomited without some sort of provocation first. I would be brushing my teeth/tongue and the previous meal would always start to rise. I could not do such a great job on my mouth b/c it was so gross. It still happens to me and I am 18 weeks.


to kirsten - October 29

Yes kirsten i would like to hear ur story very interested thanks x


m - October 29

Sure, Kirsten. If you really don't mind, I'd like to hear your story. Thanks.


K - October 29

I never vomitted either but suffered from nausea really bad..especially at night time or if some sort of smell provoked it..Often times I wished I would have thrown up so I would stop feeling so sick lol. But it pa__sed after the 3 mnth mark :)



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