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JJ - December 10

i know morning sickness can happen anytime of the day but when you get sick and you throwup a lot or just a little


amanda - December 10

When I got morning sickness I would only throw up a little bit because I would throw up 5 or six times a day. I never had an appit_te. I hated those first 4 months. Good Luck JJ


JJ - December 10

well last night i woke up at like 2:30 in the morning and threw up and then i was in and out of the bathroom till like 6 in the morning...and i threw up everything that i had in my stomach...does that sound anything like morning sickness or just a bug


JJ - December 10



Amanda - December 10

I was like that for about the first 4 months. I could not keep anything down. Well good luck!!


stephanie - December 11

I know when I got sick I was sick all day & every day for the first few months & you have to be careful because I know I got if you are sick & can't keep anything down try to at least drink something & I mean even if there is nothing in your stomach you may still get sick, I know I did so the more liquid you drink there'll be something in there, the dr told me to stay away from oj & apple juice & anything with acid in it, because that may make it worse, but to aim for things like cranberry juice, ginger ale & to eat like popsicles & things but NOT the red ones, because they have something else added in them that'll make u sick, I hope this helps & if you think you're dehydrated go to the er & they'll make it better =)


JJ - December 11

Thanks a lot guys...i don't know if I am pg or not...i know there is a chance that I might be..but I am not suppose to start af till the 21st


JJ - December 11

any other sugestions???


E - December 11

It depends how much food is in your stomach. I have thrown up entire meals while brushing my teeth, due to an overwhelming gag reflex. Other times, I threw up the bile in my stomach, as it was empty. There is not a specified amount that is thrown up during pregnancy. Whatever is in your stomach is subject to the toilet, if you are nauseous.


E - December 11

If AF is not due till the 21st, you would not be having symptoms yet. Implantation does not even take place until ~ 5-10 days post conception. I think you have a bug.


KM - December 11

If you are pregnant, and experiencing severe morning sickness and can't seem to keep anything in your stomach you need to tell your doctor because your baby is being deprived of nutrients, you may need to get an iv of fluids, or there are pills your doctor can give you to help you keep food down


Amy - December 13

I HATED morning sickness! It can vairy, some days there will be loads, others, just a little! Can you believe some lucky woman don't even get it!!! my friend didn't suffer morning sickness, and there I was, 'yellow' faced for nearly four months!!! Be careful though, They say 'more then three times a day, then go see your doctor'!!! This is the wosrt form of Morning Sickness, which can be dangerous. This means that your not obtaining enough fluids to help your body function properly, aka Dehydration! This is also not good at all for the baby! In the most survere cases you'll have to go to hospital and be put on a drip. I doubt this will happen to you! I threw up twice a day, once if I was lucky, but the nausea lasts ALL day! As for the 'Stomach bug' theory, Pregnant woman are prone to bugs and cold etc cause their immune system is down. Hope this helps. x


JJ - December 13

thanks amy...i know somedays i feel ok and then i noticed at times when i am trying to eat i get nauseated...don't know for sure if i am pg..i am supose to start af on the we will wait and see


..... - December 14



Melie - November 3

i think the answer to that question in my opinion is it all depends on what you ate i mean there were times i ate a lot and i would get sick a lot and there were times i ate just a bit and it would be just a bit


ana - November 8

I had severe morning, day and night sickness -- my Ob. prescribed diclectin and it worked miracles. It's been proven dafe over 15 years.



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