Morning Sickness Help

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RR - March 2

Does anyone have any suggestions to help morning sickness? I am only 6 weeks and already have it all day long!


Missy - March 2

Crackers, graham crackers, ginger ale and sprite...oh, and toast helps too. Good luck!!


rose - March 2

i dont know from experiance(i was one of the lucky ones to not get it at all)but i have haerd to eat crackes(saltines are nice and light) and many small meals rather than one large one and to drink ginger ale and bottled water(and dont worry it will pa__s)


RR - March 2

Thanks for the help - It seems to help when I eat, except that I have to eat all day long. I am afraid I will gain too much weight seeing as I am only at 6 weeks right now.


Heidi - March 2

RR - I'm at 7 weeks tomorrow and I feel just like you. Sickly all the time. It sucks. And tired on top of it but yet I can't sleep half the time. I snack to keep my stomach quiet too with soda crackers, club crackers, sunflower seeds, anything that appeals to me that day I guess. I hope it goes away soon! Hang in there! I worry about gaining too so I try to munch on low fat stuff but it seems like if I eat fruit and veggies, it makes my stomach turn even more. I crave more heavy foods like potatoes, breads, etc. That seems to calm my stomach a little more. I used to love 2% milk but now that makes me gag so I've switched to chocolate milk. A little more fat but man it coats my tummy! It's nice and thick. I don't throw up but sometimes I wonder if I did if it would help!!!! It's like having the 24/7 flu. It sucks but I hear it'll pa__s!


D - March 2

I have nausea all day, and until the last couple nights, much of the night too. I sip ginger ale (I'm getting pretty sick of it) and peppermints. I'm afraid the sugar is going to ruin my teeth! I've started nibbling a little more (I usually never eat except at meals) - but I have actually lost a little weight. Not every trick works for me every time either...



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