Morning Sickness When Does It Start

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Wondering - August 30

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have not had any morning sickness... is there a chance I may not get any??? I have lots of other symptoms of being pregnant. Probly every symptom actually.... Some things I cannot eat or drink as they make me feel sick..


Melissa - August 29

Some women do not get morning sickness at all. But, many experience it after about 7 weeks. This is because the hormone levels are not high enough to cause sickness until well into the 1st trimester.


April - August 30

So I should be prepared to get it. I feel nauseous sometimes eraly in the morning, but never to the point of throwing up... hopefully this is the extent of it!!


milissa - August 30

I got it around 7 weeks and it lasted till 4months it was horrible!!!!! I hope I dont get it again with this one! Good luck


Madison - August 30

It is different for every woman. I am on my third child and have never had morning sickness so it is possible that you won't either if you are lucky. Congrats on expecting!


Wondering - August 30

Thanks, Am very worried about the morning sickness. My aunt acutally lost weight when she was pregnant with my cousin. Was sick her entire pregnancy!!! horrrrrrrible! My mom was not sick with me at all... but was with my older brother.. just a bit in the beginning. Crossing my fingers I am like my mom and NOT my aunt!


Madison - August 30

Again, I was not sick at all but w/all three of my children I did lose 3-5 pounds of weight at the beginning of each pregnancy. I was eating well and taking prenatal vitamins. My doctor told me that losing weight at the beginning is not that uncommon and as long as it was no more than 5 pounds she knew there was no need to worry.


wonderin - August 30

Lucky you! I feel as tho I am gaining already and am only 5 weeks! I was actually considering taking up some sort of excercise. I had a personal trainer just before I got pregnant.. stopped about 3 weeks before I got pregnant.. and now I feel I am eating everything in site!! I was thinking about getting into some sort of excersize program so I dont have to struggle so much with losing the weight when the baby comes. I think the not having morning sickness is making me want to eat even more.... because I can!


kellie - August 30

i am 7 months preg and to the date i have lost 57 lbs...i seem to be sick with every single one of my girls. i usually got my morning sickness around 7 8 weeks...i pray for you you dont get it i am working with this preg and i have not done it with the ones in the past and believe me it is hard to mantiane a job and be sick from the baby all the time too...yet they have meds that most people can take and are fine i have even tried zofran and it is not working all the time either. Good luck



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