Morning Sickness Good Sign

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Katie - March 14

I was told that morning sickness is a good sign that everything is progressing well in the pregnancy. I am 10 weeks and have been sick for the past 3 weeks. I have been nervous this entire pregnancy because I suffered a miscarriage a while back. Any comments?


sam - March 21

i am very sick also and was worried about it but my mum told me that the more sickness you have the healthier the pregnancy. dont know if its true or not though!


Maleficent - March 21

there is no connection to morning sickness and fetal health. it all depends how your body reacts to the progeterone hormone. some people find morning sickness to be rea__suring and freak out when it starts to go away. personally, i had two perfectly healthy babies with little to no m/s, this time around i'm sick sick sick. i guess my luck ran out.


Julie - March 21

Try not to worry, just think positive. All the books I read do say morning sickness is a great sign. It means all the hormones are doing their job. Although some people don't even fell sick at all. Every pregnacy is different. I am 18 weeks and for the first 15 weeks I was dry heaving. I feel awesome now. Just try to relax. It's better for you and the baby. Good luck.


JM - March 21

Hi I just wanted to say that with my son I was very sick and he was a very healthy baby. My second pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage and I was not sick at all and I suspected something wasn't right. Now I am about 11 weeks and am sick as a dog and the doc says everything looks great! Hope this helps!


Petra - March 21

I was ill with both pregnancies. Not as much though with the second one. I recently miscarried in my third pregnancy and I was feeling real sick for about a week and then nothing... I started to worry and it turned out I did m/c. But I found out on different forums that lots of women have had normal pregnancies even after having been sick for a little while and then it would stop. Don't worry too much.... or try at least.... good luck.



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