Morning Sickness Horror

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nikki - February 21

a few days ago i experienced my first morning sickness. i felt bad the whole seems like every minute of the day i desire to throw up. sometimez i try to and nothin comes out..but the urge is still there. what can i do to stop this. i hate this feeling its horrible and i dont know how to go on wit my normal life like this. some one please give me some advice.


Maleficent - February 21

in most cases you just have to wait it out. some women have had success with pressure bands, you can get them from the pharmacy or a travel agency. they are used for sea sickness. they didn't do anything for me though. you might have more luck.


lovely - February 21

Welcome to pregnancy, my dear. 'Morning' sickness is one of the most popular pregnancy traits to talk about for a reason... because it SUCKS! really, all you can do is wait it out. Usually a few weeks. make sure you are well rested, take naps in the afternoon, if you need to. Go to bed earlier, get up slower in the morning. Eat several small meals, don't let yourself get hungry, or too full. And if you can keep it down, eat it! During my worst phase, I could only eat spaghetti with Cheeze whiz (!!!!) It worked though, so while my husband thought I had lost my mind, I ate my fake-cheeze covered pasta unapolegetically! Good luck!


Leahp - February 21

Oh!! do I feel for you!!! I am just getting over mine, and it was hell!!! I was a mess, I only threw up once but I was glued to the couch and luckily it only hit in the evenings when I was home from work!!! Nothing seemed to work for me, but ginger ale and 7-up worked a little bit!! I tried the whole ginger tea thing and that about grossed me out, I tried crackers, but ate so many with in a day that I was opposed to them ever since then. I just slept a lot since that was the only time I didn't notice my nausea or sickness!! REST, REST, REST!! It will ultimatlely help you through the day better!!


Nikki - February 21

Hi, I've read from other pregnant women on this forum who have drank peppermint tea in the morning. They say it's healthy for mom and baby. Also, peppermints are good too...the mint helps a bit with nausea. Also, at motherhood maternity they make morning sickness lollipops. Not sure how they work, or if they work well, but I would give it a whirl. Good luck to you honey...The nausea should subside around or about 16 weeks. Hang in there.


Becky - February 22

Ginger Snaps have worked for me, better than crackers. Course...I'm not sure if I AM preggo yet... but I've had nausea the past week and a half every day just after noon until evening, and ginger snaps really helped... I got them a few days ago and yesterday only needed them once, and today didn't have nausea at all...but am keeping them with me everywhere I go, just in case.


nikki - February 22

thankyou know so many people went through this and survived gives me some hope for the future. i was reading a page that a woman was pregnant and took some type of medicine. is there a medicine out there for morning sickness and not harmful for the baby?


Rachel* - February 22

I took some medicine called emetrol that is sold over the counter at drug stores. My doctor said it is fine to take, but it doesn't help everyone with morning sickness. Basically it is like a cough syrup that relieves symptoms within about 15 minutes or so. It helped me a lot and my friend who is pregnant also swears by it. Good luck :)


kristen - March 8

Oh, do I feel for you. I am in my eighth week and in my seventh I thought that things couldn't get any worse. I havetried ginger tea, gingerale, crackers, peppermint tea, salt stuff - you name it - I have tried it. That feeling lasts the from the minute I get out of bed until I crawl back into bed at night. I can barely function. The thought of laundry, housework and cooking dinner for the 3 kids is a nightmare. I cant give you advice cause I need some myself!


D - March 8

I feel for you... In fact, it sounds like I pretty much feel like you... I'm so sick I almost dread each day. I work full time, and sitting by my desk I have ginger ale, ginger snaps, crackers, peppermints, and some other a__sorted things that don't work most of the time. I've been sick for 4 weeks, and was hoping I'd be better in another 4 weeks (I'll be 12w then), but my mom has burst my optimism by telling me she was in bed sick with me for 4 months! Some very encouraging people tell me to get used to it, the misery never ends. Ever. I can't believe that is true or I'll go nuts! I am not sure how comforted I am to know that millions of women have felt just like me and survived just fine!


leslie - March 8

I know exactly what you are talking about, I feel like that most of the time and all I can eat are those NONE-HEALTHY noodle soups..I did not eat them since I was small but now I cant stop eating them!! my bf thinks I am going crazy and is not bec I am too lazy to do something else healthier is just that I looove them, I dream about them!!



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