Morning Sickness Question

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klmr - October 26

I have a question for those of you who have experienced horrible morning sickness (i.e. vomiting). Are you the type that is pre-disposed to vomiting? For instance, do you throw up a lot with you get the flu, do certian foods upset your stomach, etc...? I have not thrown up since I was 14 (15 years ago) and that was only because I had an appendicitis. When I get the flu, I feel sick, but I never get stomach symptoms. I am wondering what my chances are of being hit with the vomiting side of morning sickness since nothing else seems to effect me that way. Thanks!


maddie - October 26

Good question. I vomit at always had the worst stomach. So not at about 6 weeks I do have horrible doctor gave me Zofran which is a dream....


Alex - October 26

I am predisposed to vomiting. I always say i have a weak stomach. I think I would be queasy feeling no matter what..... But I threw up a lot with morning sickness because I vomit easily. The queasy feeling like you just got off a boat would be the same no matter what...some people just don't vomit because of it.


gYpSyRoSe - October 27

I am a hard person to get to throw up. Always have been. With my first pregnancy I threw up at the drop of a hat. Or should I say a whif of any smell. Now I am pregnant with my second and I am not throwing up as easy but I have been extremely naseas like 24/7 and I am miserable. I think that is worse. I have thrown up three times in the 11 weeks I have been pregnant. But man I have been miserably ill. Goodluck. I don't wish it on any one.


klmr - October 27

Oh no! I was hoping maybe I would escape the vomiting, but it looks like it's kind of random who gets hit with it!


M.A. - October 27

I was never one to throw up easily. With my first, I threw up once, and had no nausea. But then after, I would throw up when I got the flu. Or food poisoned. With my second, I threw up once, with constant nausea. (Lived on TUMS) Now with this one, I haven't thrown up at all, but have constant nausea. (Living on Rolaids now)


Gillies - October 27

Severe Morning Sickness tends to be genetic so if your mother or your fathers mother had morning sickness then there is a good chance that you will to.


sa - October 27

I have never heard of morning sickness being genetic. Every woman is different. I have had severe sickness- vomit, fatigue, you name it, but my mother had no problems at all. It all depends on the individual


Dee - October 31

I had morning sickness for six months while pregnant. I only vomited in the am, from brushing my teeth, but I was nauseaus 24/7. Most things stayed down, there was an occa__sional battle of wills though. LOL


~m~ - October 31

I am so sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but I'm not sure one has anything to do with the other. I say this because I have never been a puker. I am 34 and could count on one hand the times I have thrown up in my entire life (well, other than alcohol induced... LOL). I am almost 9 weeks pg right now, and girl, I am the vomit queen! If I'm not vomiting, I'm heaving and/or gagging. I hope for your sake you are spared this misery!! Best of luck to you!



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