Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment

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Lindsay - August 26

Alright i know i have had some really funny moments and ones i have found not so funny...i was wondering what are some of your most embarrassing pregnancy moments both in public and in the privacy of your own home? I'll share mine first...a few days ago i was all ready to take a bath and once i got in i realized i still had my underware on(this belly must be bigger than i thought) and my public moment would have to be last week when i went to halmark and knelled down to look at a little figurene and lost my balance and knocked the little shelf over (thank god nothing broke on the shelf or myself) i hope u've found these stories as ammusing as i have and i hope you'll share some of your own so i dont feel like the only off balance girl who accidently baths with her underware on. hehe.


Britt - August 26

OMG! My husband and I were at a park carnival and as we were walking around, I tripped on one of the ropes holding up one of the boothes and as I was falling, I grabbed onto my husbands shorts for support and pulled them down with me! Everyone rushed over to make sure the huge pregnant woman was okay and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die!! Of course my husband was more concerned with the fact that I stripped him in public!


To Britt - August 26

Thar got me ROFLMAO


Jen - August 26

Once when I got up in the middle of the night to pee I was half asleep and forgot to pull down my underwear and peed on them. That woke me up.


Pregnancy farts - August 27

Farts from no any given time....without warning....


Ranya - August 27

Definitely the gas thing, especially when you think it's going to be an innocent one and turns out to be "silent but deadly"!!!!! (in private AND in public!!!!).


TO BRITT - August 27

... you must really be hot for husband to be tearing his clothes off in public . ( LET HIM READ THIS POST HE'LL HAVE A GOOD LAUGH )


Kas - August 27

I haven't had any this time around (yet) but when I was pg with my daughter while grogery shoping I sneezed and peed my pants in front of everyone!


Lindsay - August 27

Wow Kas that is funny but i would have been so embarra__sed. I am so glad to hear i'm not the only one, is it just me or does it seem like theres no sense of balance of memory when we're pregnant?lol


kate - August 27

at the mall with my husband and just walkling and my water broke and some kid yelled she peed her pants. i cried for hours


Natasha - August 27

Me and hubby were taking a shower together and it was during a growth spurt where my belly was tight and sensitve. He was all soapy and he wrapped his arms around me from behind to hug me as we were trading places, and I felt like I was going to brush my belly on the wall (was facing middle of wall) So I put out my hand to brace myself and he said I pushed back a little and being all soapy he lost his balance. Next thing I knew he was on his back on the bathroom floor, took the shower curtain with him!


to natasha - August 27

ouch ! I'm wondering if you were both laughing after that one because that had to have hurt .


leonia - August 28

i was 4 and 1/2 months pregnant at the grocery store standing in the checkout cousin(male) looked at me with horror and pointed to my right b___st had soaked and boy do i mean soaked my shirt.was so embara__sing


Abby - August 29

Ok we all know how once that belly get's so big it's hard to keep up the grooming below. I was 8 1/2 months and had my check up and the dr was going to check things out, so i decided since i couldn't see around the belly to shave, i would use nair on my bikini line. Was so careful to just have it on the bikini line but the phone rang in the middle of the process so when i ran to get the phone it dabbed onto other spots. Went to the dr so proud that i was groomed well but later that night as i was getting ready for bed my husband says.."what the heck happened to you?! It looks like you have the mange!" Needless to say I had big bald spots where the nair had smeared. Quite emabarra__sing!


Heidi - August 29

At about 25 wks I tried putting my undies on standing up like usual and I lost my balance and crashed into the wall and my fiance saw me and just busted out laughing! Now I sit down to do put them on. I have no balance anymore!


. - August 30



Breanna - August 30

I am 27 weeks pregnant. I was at the store, looking at the bottom shelf for school folders for my kids. So I sat down on the floor so that I could look through them without losing my balance. When I got up, I streached my stomach muscles...ouchy...that hurts. (I am sure most of you know that feeling.) Everyone in the store came over to ask me if I was in labor.



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