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e - April 19

I am 10 weeks with my first. My mother-in-law has wanted a grandchild for years now. She keeps refering to my husband and my child as our baby. She has told us that if it were not for her we would not be having this baby so technically it is hers also. It is driving me crazy because she is not the one going through everything right now and I want this to be something special for my husband and myself. How do I let him know that she is driving me nuts.


Tanja - April 19

It sounds like she's just excited (overly) I wouldn't say anything to your husband she's probably driving him nuts too. You don't want to hurt her feelings when she's so happy things might get nasty and you dont need that stress. Id just smile and thank god when shes not around. If she's always around just make sure you always have plans and get caller ID haha


Lynn - April 19

I know what you mean.. My MIL doesn't know yet & that is the precise reason why. My husband has a son from a previous marriage & the MIL has become accustomed to controlling just about every aspect of that child's life & she gonna have some bad news coming to her when we announce this baby!!! I don't know how frank you can be with your MIL, but I've already planned to let mine know that she wasn't involved in the baby making process, it's not her "right" to be involved anywhere else that we don't want her to be. period. I just straight up tell my husband that his mother has to stop. According to Dr. Phil, it's the husband's job to talk to his mom about stuff like this. Juts like if your mom was interfering in something of his, you would talk to her & tell her to back off. My husband knows that I WILL speak my mind if that's what it comes down to & he also knows that his mom can overstep her boundaries quite often.. she was telling our sister in law how to wash her baby's clothes when she had a baby!!! Like she hadn't been doing laundry all of her life anyway, she needed someone to show her how. She comes to my house & tries to do my husbands laundry.. No WAY. put a stop to that REAL quick. Monster-in-Laws can be quite crazysometimes.


Leahp - April 19

Oh girl! I feel ya! That is just down right ridiculous!!! Our baby, what the hell does she think this is!!! Communicate with your husband, NOW! Let him know how you feel, and have him talk to her, my husband has been great and all it took was a little of me crying and letting him know how upset I was. My MIL pretty much thought she was going to be part of the naming process and I let my husband know right away that it's personal and something we'll be doing together, he put a stop to it and she has really realized that he will protect me! So she has backed off! Take care of it now becasue once the baby is here it could get worse!


Karen - April 19

Just tell him (straight talk have no falling out)I would ask my husband to talk to her and be frank and to the point but nice about it. Thank her for her advise but make it clear its your husband and yours baby. I would tell her that she had hers and no one told her how to raise her or took hers over. You need to do this as soon as possible before it gets out of hand and some regretted words are exchange. Seems you are reaching your breaking point. Its ok to be excited but there are limits


to e - April 19

Is your MIL very close to you husband????? Is she the kind of person who wants all the attention??? That is what it sounds like. Do you even like your MIL?? If not, Keep a distance. Dont talk to her as much. Limit your time with her. She sounds like my MIL from Hell!!!!


Im also there - April 19

Sweetie be careful is he a momma’s boy and how close are they b/c I know exactly what you are talking about I am going through the same she seems to be one of those mother-in-laws from hell. Some mothers are like that with there son it seems to me that you should talk to him about it but choose you words right you don’t want him to think you hate his moms, and then be upset with you ……I know that you want to enjoy your pregnancy and only with your husband so you have to tell him or it will never stop…maybe she be carrying for you since she’s acting like it her child


You are not alone - April 19

Wow, I went though the same thing with my mother in law.You feel like cussing her out. but if you do, you will look like the bad person. Then everyone will hate you. Been there Done that....My mother in law make mean comments that is so hurtful it bring tears to my eyes. She would do it behind my husband back and deny it later.So guess who look like the lair?? Me. She even question if I can care for the baby. She ask me if she could keep my baby for 2 weeks!!My baby was just out of the hospital...She's crazy in her head!!! When I said no, she made it about her. The poor me act!!! She told my husband b___stfeeding is going to spoil my child.....I can go on and on about my mother in law........Maybe she needs a life/hobby......Try not respond to her and then maybe she can get the hint. Smile and walk off. It seems to work for me......Good luck!!!


Laura - April 19

Give your mother in law a few slaps in the face. That should work.


Foxy - April 19

You poor thing. If I were you I'd move far away from her! She sounds awful! Glad my MIL lives in another country! I think you should get your hubby to tell her like it is. You shouldn't have the stress of being the one to offend her as well. GL!



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