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JLorenzo - March 24

My Mother in law lives in San Francisco. We live in Maryland. My wife is due in May and my mother in law seems to call at least once a day. Sometimes, she calls my wife at work and then again at home. My wife is getting annoyed. My mother in law has good intentions but some of the stupidest questions I have ever heard! I mean, "did you feel the little kickies?" Of course we felt the little kickies! We are 8 1/2 months! She told me, "Josh, when the water breaks you call me and I will be on a plane." My response was, "Paula, when Stacey's water breaks we are going to the hospital!" Geez, it has gotten to the point where we don't even tell her we have or had an appointment. Just needed to vent! Between my poor wife's snoring and my mother in laws incessant calling, I have decided to fake my own death and move to India to become a Monk...


nicole - March 24

im am right there with u, only my problem isnt the calling or stupid questions, its the fact that she thinks this baby is hers. she lives right down the road and she is convinced that shes going to be having/seeing this baby a week at a time or something. i dont think she realizes that when it comes along neither of us are going to want to take it over there when we have the time. and i dont think she realizes that it cant be away for more than a couple hours at a time, mainly bc i dont want it to be and i dont want it to be there without me, and i sure as hell wont be up to staying there for more than a couple hours. just to give an example to how ridiculous it has gotten, we have three car seats bc her and my bf sister both want one for their cars, so we need one more. its staring to really p__s me off that shes acting like this is her baby and that she can take off with it whenever she pleases. and itll be a VERY rude awakening for her when were barely over there while its very young bc little does she know i dont want it over there bc of how smoke-ridden that house i forsee some pretty bad srguments on the horizon. ohhh and a few months after its due his father has a vacatrion planned to go to the beach and we told her we wanted to go for a couple days if not the whole week and she started to cry bc "we cant taker her baby away from her that long" so im excited when reality will hit her like a brick. she only wants the baby to show it off not to actually help us out where we need it the most, in the taking care of department, and im sorry but this little boy is not going to be a "pageant" baby, so itll be fun to see how things really pan out for her when its born.


J - March 24

I remember this happening when I was pregnant with my son with my husbands mother. She made it sound like she was going to be moving in. She was insisting on staying over all the time. I remember being very worried that I wouldn't have any of my own time with my baby. Well she came around after the baby was born a little bit but then when I really needed some help or sleep noone seemed to come around. I think it is the initial excitement of the baby. Don't worry I'm sure since your mother in law lives across the country she won't annoy you too much.


Heather - March 24

The day my husband & I told his parents... His mother IMMEDIATELY started in with the guilt trip in a winy voice "am I going to be able to be in the room when my grandbaby comes in to the world???" Uhh... HELL NO! Sorry... She wasn't there for the making she sure as hell won't be there for the unveiling! I was 5 weeks when we told them and she started in on patting my stomach... I was like... Umm it's the size of a small pea! If that! Give me a break. Unfortunately we lost the baby @ 9 weeks... Was really weird. As big of a deal she made about the pregnancy she was oddly very calm when we told her it was over. She had this "well you can try again" "no big deal" att_tude. In laws are weird.


K - March 24

I had the same thing happen. My sister in law is very "FREE" with her body and birthing methods she had 2 of her children under water and she also let the entire family watch including her son (4) which I didn't agree with. So when my husband and I found out we were pregnant they all thought they would be in the room as well. I don't think so!!!!!


JLorenzo - March 24

Yeah, no one will be in the room with us when my wife is delivering. Heck, I don't even want to be on the business end of that deal! I don't have the stomach for that. Besides, that is a special moment to be shared between the couple and the child...


L - March 24

I totally agree, my monster-in-law lives in NJ & we are in MD, my husband syas that I'll have SO MUCH HELp when the baby is born b/c his mom will come down & stay for WEEKS... Not at my house! I don't know about you guys, but when I have houseguests, I feel like I have no time to myself (not that I'll have any when the baby comes though), and I don't want anyone staying in hour house for the first couple of weeks.. that includes MY mother! I plan on telling everyone that they are more than welcome to come visit & I can get them the numbers to some hotels, but me, the baby & my husband need to have sanity in our house & we can't get that with people staying there. Also, my mil is VERY controlling, she likes everything doen her way & I know, if shes still staying with us when my husband goes back to work, she'll end up going back to NJ REAl quick cause I'll end up going off on her... Plus, my mom lives 20 minutes away, so she can come over, help with the laundry, cooking, etc, and then go back home... This is my first & I just don't get it, Imean, if I decided to b___stfeed, how much CAN anyone else really do for the baby?


Jamie - March 25

I think I'm the luckiest of everyone mother is in Missouri, my MIL is in Texas, and my husband and I are in Germany...hehehehe - there ain't no way they can be here for the delivery!


JLorenzo - March 25

Germany? Great idea! How much for a three bedroom house out there?!?! Our baby shower is next weekend and the mother-in-law is coming! Yikes...


Serenna - March 25

I understand totally, my MIL calls 4 times a day, then if that's not enough she calls my husband 4 more times a day, and emails too. She wants our baby to b a girl and she wants to name it and she refuses to call it anything but the name that she wants it to b, although it's not goin to b named what she wants it to be, she a girl she should've name it that instead of what she did. So my poor little girl is goin to be confused as to what her real name is. So aggravating....


Petra - March 25

My mil is great... I felt the need to say that. My husband has one brother and I know his wife doesn't like her (not the fault of mil!!!) but I get along with her great. She is a person that does NOT interfere with other peoples lives. We live overseas (not the reason we get along...) and she comes and stays with us regularly... 3 times a year.. . one time she even spend 6 weeks with us. She does rent a car and goes to visit family... But she is wonderfull.


Hunter - March 25

MOTHER IN LAWS SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C - March 25

lol! I know it's annoying, but she is excited and feeling the distance. Start screening your calls and thank your lucky stars that she lives across the country! can you imagine if she came over that often instead of just a call? Good luck w/ labor/delivery!


L - March 25

Serenna - WHat is UP with these ladies trying to "relive" their fertile years? My mil is the same way!


H - March 25

My MIL is the best! She's like my own mom. She treats me like her own, and she has 2 sons and 2 daughters. Honestly, I don't mind if she calls me everyday or wants to take care of my children. The way I see it, she's just as happy as we are. I know sometimes we think that it's a little too much but that's just the way they are, they way they show how much they care. Would you want a MIL who hates you instead? As mums we all should realize that we love our children with all our hearts and will do whatever we can to make them happy, that's how they feel too? To those who already have kids, you know how difficult it is to fullfil your kids' needs but you try so hard to give them what they want and sometimes they don't agree what you do. So that's how your MILs also feel - she just wants you to feel special and cared for - she's been there, done that! She knows what it's like, and may be she didn't have a very nice MIL so may be all she wants is for you to feel wanted and part of the family. You may not agree with what she's doing, but that's her - she's like that. What if the situation was the other way round? Wouldn't you get excited that you're going to have a grandchild even when you already have 5?! When we got married we said we share everything, "what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours", they way I see it, that's not just in terms of money, etc, also blood relations. Your MIL gave birth to your partner and brought them up the best they could and shaped the person that you love, and then you will have babies with your partner. I am very thankful to my MIL for bringing my husband to this world coz I love him with all my heart and he is such a wonderful man and will make a loving father. (Sorry, not a lecture, just the way I feel)


spoon on the moon - March 25

Josh Josh Josh.....u are too much, everytime i read ur post i just lauuuugh ! So sorry to hear ur MIL , is it her 1st granchild ? might sound stupid , but have u ever tried to just tell her to... b___t out a little? may be worth a try. I know she's excited and all but, come on ....i don't , just a thought. Oh and...good luck on ur conversion ! haha.... Nicole is not Marie barrone ( everybody loves Raymond ,sitcom ) by any chance ? just kidding , just kidding. GL2U all !


spoon on the moon - March 25

Oops....forgot some words in my last post. i meant to ask, Ur MIL is not MArie Barrrone by any chance ? I need to go to bed, can't type anymore , lol.



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