Mother In Law From Hell

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LJ - November 1

OK, where do I even begin....I have the freakin mother in law from h__l girls and I'm 23 wks pregnant and I'm about to lose my freakin mind. I CANT STAND HER!...she is soooo stuck up me and robs ass and always in our business and telling me how I should raise **MY** son once he is born!!!!!...She is not married nor has a boyfriend so her whole life revolves around us and its driving me crazy!..I know its robs mother and shes my sons grandma but I dont want her babysitting him once hes born. I dont want anyone to babysit but my own mother. IS THAT NORMAL to feel that way?..Robs mom is weird...shes 45 and acts like shes 21 shes..I can't stand that...shes always buying my son baby clothes from garage sales that are soooooooo out dated and stained!!..I DONT want him to wear that stuff!!!...I need advice or something..I'm seriously losing my mind...Ive been crying alot lately because she makes me soooo mad and I feel like this is about to blow up and ruin my relationship with I just being stupid about all of this and being touchy cuz im pregnant or would that drive you nuts too!!???....Thanks for letting me vent!!!


lol - November 1

do you feel better.. well now is the time to tell her how you feel, after all your pregnant.. you have an excuse to be a b___h. tell her to back off, do it now before she does it all the time.... shell drive you insane otherwise.. sounds like its working. good lluck, Jen


Lora - November 1

I don't think you are being stupid and it is normal to prefer your own Mom. But, she is the baby's grandmother and your husband's Mom. You can't begrudge her the same time with the baby as your own mother. You will just have to be patient and make the best of it. Lay down the rules early of how you want you and the baby to be treated and let her know that if she breaks the rules then she can't keep the baby by herself until she is willing to abide by your rules since it is YOUR baby..and not hers.


mel - November 1

How does Rob feel about you not wanting his mom to babysit? It part his kid, too and she's his mom. The baby doesn't have to wear the clothes that she buys, she is probably just excited and since she is older doesn't even realize that the clothes are outdated. I'm not trying to take her side, I'm just saying that if you look at it from another side you might not get so angry. She is probably just trying to do the best she can with whatever life skills she has. Is she trying to be intentionally mean? Just talk to your husband and see if he can talk to her. Most everything in life can get worked out and with all parties ok with it if the right approach is taken. Deep breath, count to ten and try to count all the blessings you have. You have a beautiful baby coming soon, don't stress the small stuff.


;-) - November 1

Honestly she sounds like a sweet lady. She is just trying to help out and doesn't realise the things she buys are kinda c___ppy. She is single and she is probably just lonely and you guys are all she has! Just try to be nice her, she means well! Be glad you don't have a mother in law that hates your freakin guts and wants nothing to do with her grandchild because that always hurts alot more! I do understand why you only want your mother to babysit, after I had my first I would only let my mother keep her up until recently (my daughter is 4 now) because I would not trust just anyone with my child.But just try and relax and not let her get to you so much! Good luck


hulagirl - November 1

Well i would definately talk to Rob. I think it will be a softer b__w coming from him. She will probaly be more defensive when you talk to her. This is not an uncommon situation, i would talk it over with your husband, let him talk to her and then take it from there. Maybe she will approach you. It sounds like her life revolves around the 2 of you. Dont take that away from her, it will destroy her. But definately get it under control. If not, it will only get worse when your baby arrives. Good Luck. Just remember that someone else always has it worse than you.


mine's worse! - November 2

Hey, be grateful that she's excited about the baby - my mother in law from hell is not. We've been married two years, and when she found out I was pregnant, said, "well, we need to discuss it" what's to discuss?!?! Anyways, we 'discussed' it, and it was two hours of how hurt, disappointed, and embarra__sed she is. Now that Im very far along she's suddenly acting like its her job to jump on board so her friends don't realize what a b___h she's being - but she's made it very clear it's not out of excitement, just trying to get control of our baby. So I know it's hard, but sheesh, take what you can get.


LJ - November 2

Thanks girls!..theres alot more to this whole thing I just didnt feel like typing the whole story out it would take days. Rob and his mom are very close. He has always taken care of her but she uses him and he doesnt see it. I do. She said shes going to take off the week of Feb 26th since thats my due date and "I WILL" have my baby that day so she can be there to teach me everything!??..well lets see...she smoked pot around rob and his brother when they were babies..what does she need to teach me.!?!?...I just want her gone she calls us seriously 15 times a day for nothing just to check on us!..and then just stops by all the time unannounced!....She is a sweet lady but at the same time she's way to involved and she needs to find her own life...I don't want to be mean but I feel like I'm going to b__w up on her and second. Thanks for your advice!!!...


Audrey - November 2

Well I also, i have a Mother in Law from hell.And the worse part is with live with her,,I was ok with it before i was pg but now I can't stand her...She bought a used car seat and stroller for the baby and when she gave it to me she said that she bought it because my fiancee would be the one buying everything.Anyways i am having my baby shower this weekend, and do you think she even offered to help with it....Yet she wants to be in the delivery room when it is born, i also spend my time crying, because i know when the baby is here it is going to get worse, i don't tell her nothing, because id on't want it to cause probelms between me and my fiancee..


am - November 2

I also have a mother in law from hell. Well she is my ex mil now but me and my ex are still together! LONG story LOL! anyways, it does sound like she is controlling and you need to talk to her yourself. My husband would never stand up to her and I got tired of it. SHe called me a bad mother when my daugter was 3 weeks old because my husband got up with her on the weekend. She is loony but guess what? she also has NOTHING to do with our daughter now. we moved 2000 miles away and they never even called her on her birthday. every situation is different and you do what you need to do in your situation. the most important thing is that you feel comfrontable around her.


*X* - November 2

How old are you girls? mine's worse - your mother's behavior sounds like the behavior of the mother of a child. Are you a teenager? If so, I don't blame her.


mine's worse - November 2

Nope, I'm 24. I realize I'm still younger, but we've been together forever, and married for over two years!! It's not like I was some school girl that got knocked up.


Audrey - November 2

I'm 23, been with my BF for 7 years


what happened? - November 2

is this a contest to see who has the worst MIL????? come on! i bet we ALL have a MIL from hell in one way or another and if you dont then you are sooo lucky!!!!


mom of 4 - November 2

feel for you..i REALLY do..we have that problem with BOTH of our mothers but luckily, we both feel the same way so it is easier for us to draw boundaries...if you and your partner are divided on the issue it is harder...don['t put him in the clothes and tell her "you had a chance to screw up your this is my chance to screw up mine.." that is what i always say...but not letting her babysit is pretty hard..although both me and my husband LIMIT the alone time the kids have with both parents because of their has taken six yrs and four kids but they both are starting to back off now a little..but it has taken a lot of strength on our part..and you can't be afraid of offending is your kid..


mom of 4 - November 2

actually..i have smart a__s remarks for everything..when she comments about what i eat of drink i say "better than the cocaine i did last night..:" laugh things off and joke back with her (in a semi obnoxious way) and she will get the picture...


LJ - November 2

I'm 22 and hes 25..We DONT need her help!! lol...she just doesnt want to let go of her grown son!..I can't stand it. I'm going to have a talk with her tonight! I'll keep you posted!! wish me luck!!! :)



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