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Teddyfinch - May 8

So, my question is this. Is it appropriate to wish someone a Happy Mother's Day that is only pregnant with their first child? I'm curious because I've had a couple of people wish me that and I'm only 12w along lol. I don't mind, but I'm just curious.


clindholm - May 9

Yes, you are a mom already. You are doing things for your child and thinking of what's best for your child. I got my SIL a card specifically for expectant moms.


cblack - May 9

absolutely... lol. I even got a Mothers Day gift and card last year, and also bought DH a Fathers Day gift and card. You are already a mommy even if that little baby isnt here yet!


mama4andmore - May 9

I think it is! My sister has been ttc for about 11 years, but has never been able to. To make her feel better I always get her a card b/c she is such a wonderful Auntie! But you are already a mom and it is hard work carrying a baby! SO Happy Mothers Day! congrats on baby also!


Teddyfinch - May 10

yay! ^^ i was just wondering. thank you so much ladies. and for those of us who have had trouble ttc (7 years total for me) even though a lot of people say pets are no replacement for kids, they certainly help with the lonliness and i've had a cat for 8 years now and every year my little sister would tell me happy mother's day for him lol.


Teddyfinch - May 10

oh and i go in for my 13w scan on the 13th so maybe we'll get to see if any little bits and pieces are showing yet!


schar - May 10

teddy how did you finally get pg? I am having trouble too early miscarriages


Teddyfinch - May 11

clomid m'dear. i was with one quack who put me on 50mg and nothing happened. she wouldn't monitor or do any bloodwork or anything to make sure i wasn't f***ing up my ovaries so i found myself a real doctor that did ultrasounds on day 10 and then 17 and would give either provera or a trigger shot based on follicle size. well on my third cycle (150mg) i had weenie follicles at cd10 with the largest being 8mm so we figured the cycle was a bust but at day 17 i had a 32mm follicle and an 18mm follicle so i got my shot in the b___t with one good follicle. i tested up until about 12 days after my shot and kept getting negatives but my day 21 blood said i did ovulate (i knew because i felt those suckers go) and my period started only 2 days late, so i figured hey at least i ovulated, but for some reason had this big urge to test on what i thought was cd8 and got a bfp. so clomid, one good follicle and a lot of prayer is what did it for me lol.


Teddyfinch - May 11

oh and i've been on progesterone supplements for the whole first trimester to prevent a miscarriage because my progesterone levels were poo in the beginning. they say if you keep miscarrying early to have that checked.



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