Mothers Day Depression

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sara b - May 14

This is my second mothers day as a mother. My first I felt depressed because I had a 6 week old and her father wasn't there and I think I had a touch of postpartum depression. This year I have a boyfriend that I care for very much but he has no romantic side. He is very absent minded. He didn't even get a gift for my DD's first birthday. Last night we went to get the gift for his mom and I was wondering if he'd gotten me anything. This morning he got up for work and didn't tell me happy mothers day or anything. I didn't get a phone call during his lunch break and I was sure he got off work at 6 but he hasn't gotten home yet. I am thinking he took his mother her gift but he hasn't answered my calls or text messages. I find it depressing that my mom, grandma, and ex gave me mothers day gifts but my bf didn't. Also a guy at work gave me a card and candy and told me he really admired me for being a single parent and still being a good friend and hard worker. It kills me that an almost stranger understands how hard it is to balance being a single parent and work and a personal life but my bf, who I live with, doesn't. Or at least doesn't show that he understands. Am I hormonal or does this just seem flat out wrong to anyone else? Thanks for letting me vent.


BethS - May 15

you know, i can understand how you feel in a way although im married but my hubby is not one for any of the holiday kinda stuff. This is the first year of me being an actual mom to someone (I also have a stepdaughter that lives with us). I just was happy that I have a happy healthy child. When I look at that face, that is the only one I need aknowledgement, appreciation, and approval from. He is my mothers day gift.


Stace - May 15

I've learnt from experience that there is no point waiting around for the other half to act as we would like them to. I wanted a suprise party for my 30th birthday so I kept making suprised faces and going OHHHHHHHH when I came into a room. Told him I was in practice for my 'suprise party'. He got the hint and although it wasnt a suprise it was fun teasing him. Sadly men rarely behave the way we want them to, its not that they dont care, they just dont think.


sara b - May 15

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support. My bf and I both think I'm pg although the HPT's are still negative and I was hoping he's show some form of excitement by at least remembering to tell me "happy mother's day". I guess it got to me that I met this guy at work when I started three weeks ago and he gave me a card and gift because he thinks its cool I'm a single mom but my bf who sees what I go through doesn't seem to take notice. Oh well. But thanks for the ear all.



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