Motorcycle Riding

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Volgate - October 6

My girlfriend is about 5 1/2 months pregnant and a friend of hers is giving her a Suzuki Hiyabusa motorcycle. At this point it will be our only method of transportation? Can she ride? If so how long into pregnancy can she ride thanks in advance!


pomny143 - October 6

I love motorcycles also but would strongly vote against her riding until after giving birth. Besides the fact that riding is dangerous in general, her risks are greater. She could be injured badly in an accident therfore injuring the baby, or could even possibly have induced labor. I am not a doc, but I wouldn't do it personally. My best advice is to ask your girlfriends physician. Hope my advice is helpful. Good luck. P.S. Just the fact that you are asking shows that you are concerned and that means you will be a good father.


tish212 - October 11

first lemme say that is one big fast bike that she was given...more power to ur girl if shes the one doing the riding unless I misunderstood u and ur the rider and shes a pa__senger... my hubby wouldn't let me ride his bike ever since he found out I was pregnant just due to the vibrations...if she is a pa__senger or main rider eventually her back pain may cause her to not be able to ride ... if she is not a high risk pregnancy and she feels comfotable in riding then let her until her comfort level is so she can't... (my hubby is a bit of a worrywart when it comes to but my dr said that I could ride as long as I was comfortable so I would say the same for her...and its awesome u guys were given such a hot bike I think they are just awesome the bodystyle of the 'busa is so wide and gorgeous... make sure u thank that friend constantly I would give anything for someone to give me one..but for now ill be happy with our cbr 929 and our triumph 595...congrats on the lil one on the way and take good care of that girl of urs she lucky to have aguy willing to research her safety!



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