Mowing During Pregnancy

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krissy - March 14

Is it safe to use a riding lawnmower during pregnancy?


Billie - March 14

I think so but why would you want to?! (lol) I would ask the doctor just to be safe though.


Mrs O - March 14

Yes. I mowed all summer long with my 2nd preg. I like a neat yard so I mowed alot. I had a very healthy baby.


D - March 14

Well, I hope it is ok.... I know I'm wierd, but I like using my weedeater... (my neighbors wife says I need to stop because it makes her look bad!) I've been being careful, going slow, limiting myself to 2 tanks of gas...


Billie - March 14

I'm sorry if I insulted anyone. I don't have the green thumb so I don't do yard work. Not to mention... I live in an apartment. I also don't have plants because they always die!!! Like I said, I'm sorry if I insulted anyone. I didn't mean to!!


Julie - March 14

I agree who would want to! I act like I don't know how to do any of those household chores so I won't have to.


Ash - March 14

I'm with you Billie and Julie... lol!


Kelly K - March 15

That's what men are for.. we have the kids they mow the lawn. Isn't that the way it goes??


Heidi - March 15

Okay who's mowing lawns??? I still have my snow shovel outside! I'd give anything to mow instead of shovel snow!!!!!!


tiffani - March 15

Yard work is for the boys. :o) I'm terrified of bugs, so you'll never see me anywhere near a garden or flower bed. Mowwing the lawn??? Forget about it! I can't stand the vibration on the handle of the lawn mower, it makes me want to scream. I'm wierd, I know. Thank goodness my hubby and I have the understanding the outside is his, the inside is mine. :o) As for the original question, I have no clue, but it sounds harmless.


amanda.d - March 15

I would be leary if you are close to your due date but not in the safe delivery zone as the vibrations and bumpiness from the mower could cause early labour.Just a suggestion!!


Gina - March 15

I wouldn't know. I am still ridding our snowb__wer. I can't wait to mow the gra__s!


JA - April 10

For those who's husbands are away in the military there are tasks that need to be done. I am 8 months pregnant and would love to mow the lawn, if I could get the mower started!!!!


Mary - April 11

What about the noise of the lawnmowers? I have to use earplugs to protect my hearing - sitting on the tractor may transmit loud noise to the baby, no?


X - April 11

Hire someone to do it for you? Ask a friend/relative for a little help?


Mary - April 11

I love mowing my lawn!


toes - April 11

Julie, you think you're the ONLY party in your marraige who feigns inept_tude to get out of things? HAH!



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